Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks in 2020 | You Need to Know

Hey Guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post.  So in this post, I am coming with very interesting which is “Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks in 2020. So, without any further talk, so let’s get started.

Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks in 2020 | You Need to Know

Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks in 2020 | You Need to Know

Now, here are the list of  Top 10 Instagram Story Hacks, Tips & Tricks that you can start implementing right now.
Glowing Emoji :

STEP1; First one here in the list is adding the glowing emoji to the Instagram stories. To do this, open Instagram stories then tap on the text option, and here add the desired emoji. 

STEP2; Now choose, Neon as the text effect, and there you go, you will see the neon emoji. 

Instagram Story Collage :

STEP1; Now, Creating a collage within Instagram stories. The process is different for Android, and iOS devices. I will show you the simple method for both the devices. For Android users, you need to download the Swift Key Keyboard from the Playstore. Once downloaded, open Instagram Stories then click a solid background picture. 

STEP2; Now choose this Text Icon. Now choose the Swift Keyboard by choosing this keyboard icon or you can change the keyboard from the system settings too. Once you choose the Swift Keyboard, Choose this emoji Icon then go to this PIN option. Here tap on ‘Create’ then select the image that you would like to include in your collage then tap on this ‘Send’ icon. You can even add the text using Text option. 

STEP3; Now repeat this step once again to add more images to the one Instagram story. You can align the imported images like your wish and style your collage like you need. For iPhone users, it is much more simple than you think. Open the Instagram stories then click a solid background picture. 

STEP4; Now switch to Photos app then copy the photo that you would to include in your story collage. Once you select the picture, switch back to Instagram stories and there you see a popup of the selected image. Just tap on add sticker to import it to the current Instagram story collage.

STEP5; Repeat this step once again to import another image. Re-arrange them like you wish to look your Instagram story way cooler. 

Glitter Text :

STEP1; Now, Third trick is adding the glitter text. To do this, create an Instagram story then click a solid background picture. Now choose the sticker icon then search for a GIF that is having more shiny glitter effect. 

STEP2; Now zoom in the GIF till it takes the whole screen. Now download this image and close the whole story by choosing discard. In this step, you need to import the downloaded GIF to the Instagram story then choose the brush option then pick the solid background color and then hold down the screen until the solid background fill up the whole screen. 

STEP3; Now take the eraser, adjust the brush size and write the text that you would like to. Cool. 

Drop Shadow Text :

STEP1; Now, the Fourth one is to add the drop shadow effect to the text. To do this, Open Instagram then create a story. Import the picture then choose the text option and write the desired text two times with the same font size.

STEP2; Now, you can choose a text then change the color and then place it on the darker text.

Make Text Gradient:

STEP1; The fifth trick here in the list is to add gradient text to the Instagram Stories. To do this, import a picture then add the desired text by choosing this add text option.

STEP2; Now, select the whole text then press and hold a color to see this color pallet. Now swipe both the text and the color at the same time to make the text gradient. You need some practice to do this perfectly.

Style your Photos :

STEP1; Sixth tips here in the list is styling your photos. To style your photos in your Instagram story, all you need to import the photo and choose the brush option then use your creativity and draw some lines. 

STEP2; Now remove the unwanted lines which makes your photo look way more color than a normal one. You can even add a glow effect to the lines that you have drawn. Try it out.

Repetitive Background:

STEP1; Seventh one is to add a repetitive background to the Instagram story. If you send an Instagram post to the story then you will see a normal boring background. But do you know that you can style your background like you need? Here is how you can do that. Choose the Instagram post and tap ‘Add Post to your story’. 

STEP2; Now choose this text option and add something like you desired. You can add icons, symbols, text like you wish. Let me type Myteachworld and copy the same text then align it.

Style Video Stories :

STEP1; Eight tips here in the list is to style your Instagram video stories. Instead of sharing the normal video stories, add some GIFs to the video to make it more appealing. To do that, import a video then scale the video like you need. 

STEP2; Now let me add the record GIF and the corner frames to the video. Now I think this is something different than a normal one. I think! 

Pin Stickers :

STEP1; Ninth one is to pin stickers or emojis to the Instagram stories. This is something that most people don’t know about. To pin an emoji or a sticker, you just need to record a video then choose this sticker icon then search for the right GIF or emoji that suits well to the story. 

STEP2; Now tap and hold on the sticker or the emoji and there you will a bar which will help you to pin the selected sticker or emoji at a certain place. If I need the sticker to appear from here, then let me adjust the bar then choose PIN. 

Style Text Stories:

STEP1; Tenth tips are to style your Instagram text story. Make use of these lines to make your Instagram story more engaged. With just underscore or special characters, you can create an elegant looking. Try it out. 

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