How to Use Google Dorks | Exploring Google Hacking Techniques!

Hello Guys! You’re warm welcome in this advance hacking blog. Now today I came here to share about “What are Google Dorks, and How to Use Google Dorks. it means everything about google dorks.

How to Use Google Dorks | Exploring Google Hacking Techniques

Guys, As we know Google is one of the Great search engines when it comes to finding information even from the darkest corners of the Internet. Also, Google Can Sometime Reveal Such Important Information that fulfills a hacker needs.
So let’s get started-


What is Google Dorks?

Google Dorks is the special Query Terms, which are used to find specific hidden information about any service or a website or device connected to the internet. Generally, these terms target the vulnerabilities in the systems which were indexed to google due to some error.

How to Use Google Dorks?

When You search a certain Query in the google search bar only the vulnerable results will be shown to you. Now, suppose you entered a dork of live open webcams then the result will show you open webcams that are connected to the internet without any security, and with the help of Google Dorks, you can able to stream many of the live cams easily.

What services can be scanned? 

The Google Dorks can be used to find vulnerabilities in almost everything like-

  • Webcams
  • Printers
  • Websites
  • Refrigerator
  • Computers
  • Company 
  • Databases
  • Security cameras
  • Traffic Lights

Google Dorks Basic Operations

Google’s search engine has its own built-in query language, which is used finding information even from the darkest corners of the Internet. Now, the following list of queries can be run to find a list of files, find information about your competition, track people, Traffic Lights, Server information, get information about SEO backlinks, build email lists, and find web vulnerabilities.

  1. cache: This dork can be used to show you the cached version of any website.
  2. allintext: This dork searches for specific text contained on any web page. 
  3. allintitle: This dork exactly the same as allintext, but it is can be used to show pages that contain titles with X characters.
  4. allinurl: Now, This dork can be used to fetch results whose URL contains all the specified characters.
  5. filetype: This dork used to search for any kind of file extensions, for example, if you want to search for jpg files.
  6. inurl: This dork exactly the same as allinurl, but it is only useful for one single keyword.
  7. intitle: Now, This dork used to search for various keywords inside the title, for example, 
  8. intitle: This dork can be used to security tools will search for titles beginning with “security” but “tools” can be somewhere else in the page.
  9. inanchor: Now, This Dork is useful when you need to search for an exact anchor text used on any links.
  10. intext: This Dork useful to locate pages that contain certain characters or strings inside their text.
  11. link: Now, This Dork will show the list of web pages that have links to the specified URL.
  12. site: This Dork can be used to show you the full list of all indexed URLs for the specified domain and subdomain.

Now, here some of wildcard which used to gain information-

  • *: wildcard used to search pages that contain “anything” before your word, * a website will return “how to” design/create/hack, etc… “a website”.
  • |: this is a logical operator, e.g. “security” “tips” will show all the sites which contain “security” or “tips,” or both words.
  • +: used to concatenate words, useful to detect pages that use more than one specific key, eg- security + trails.
  • –: minus operator is used to avoiding showing results that contain certain words, eg- security -trails will show pages that use “security” in their text, but not those that have the word “trails.”

Download the complete google dork list download link is given below-

Download Google Dorks

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