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Hey Guys, and welcome back to another post, so in this post, I am going to show you 10 Best Android Apps To Try This Lockdown! so while we are all in this lockdown time sitting at home let’s take this opportunity to learn new skills.

10 Best Android Apps To Try This Lockdown! 2020  You Cannot Miss

You know which you can apply once we all go out, so let’s get started-


List of 10 Best Android Apps To Try This Lockdown! 

Now, here are some of the best Android apps for this lockdown-

1. Volume Style

the volume style is a new application that changes your default volume panel to that of MIUI, Oxygen OS, iOS, or even stock Android. You know whichever you want to try simply install the application choose the style.

I prefer the iOS 13 volume slider, and then give it all the necessary permission it doesn’t require root or anything, and not just that, if you want you can further customize the placement ascent color, dark mode, etc.

Now, You can do all of that with the premium version the app is developed by the senior extreme member Tom Bailey and I’m gonna use it to check it.

Download Volume Style


So I’m reading a lot of news these days you know just to keep myself updated with corona pandemic, and the impact it’s gonna have on various sectors, and curio helps me with that, so consider curio a mixture of pocket inaudible I mean like a pocket.
it handpicks best journalistic articles source from creditable sources like The Economist Financial Times, Washington Post, etc.

It converts those articles into all your form by human just like writing in The Washington Post.

Note: This application is premium only that is you get a trial for 10 articles, and that’s about it after that you have to upgrade to a premium version.

 Now, I’m using different accounts to extend my limit might get the annual plan soon.

Download Curio

3. Audible 

This lockdown on has been a wonderful time to read all the books, that were sitting in my wish list for years so usually I read nonfiction still it to productivity or entrepreneurship.
However these days I’m reading how should I say listening to must-read friction some of the mercies fictions include 1984 metamorphosis flower for Algernon crime and punishment etc.

You can also sign up using the link is given below, and get your first book free inaudible India, and also a chance to support a wiser.

Download Audible

4. Quibi

Finally, entertainment, so Netflix is one of the few company including zoom who share prices are increasing even in this lockdown, and we all know why but, you know why people always stick to YouTube the size of the video to watch.

Netflix you have to spare at least few hours while a YouTube video is just 15 minutes, so with the same logic. so it’s probably one of the few streaming apps that support both portrait, and landscape mode at the same time if a IGTV doesn’t count overall.

 It is a 90-day free trial, and consists of videos based on sports, entertainment, finance, and everything else but unlike youtube videos. it’s not just made by anyone, for that it follows Netflix model where entertainment Giants are creating videos.

Download Quibi

5. HouseParty 

Now, this quarantine in lockdown is getting really boring, and you might use WhatsApp video call to talk to your friends or family, but here’s what everyone else is using house party so house party has two things that differentiate it with WhatsApp video chat.

First you can hold a video chat with 12 people whereas in WhatsApp the limit is four plus you can join chat rooms with your friends or even friends. You know just like you do with a real house party having said that, you can also keep your chat private so that nobody enters it.

Now, My second favorite thing about house party is the games, that you can play on a video chat. My favorite one is like heads up which you can also try out other games like trivia, drawing games, and stuff like that it’s stupid but it’s fun I often use it with teams like wiser.

Download House Party

6. Nike Training Club

So, our body is made to be active, but during this lockdown, most of us are sitting at home, and are not getting much exercise.

Now, I know some of you might be using applications like 7 min around run tests take-home workout, etc. However, since she has been using Nike Run Club he recommends Nike fitness app.

Now, this application is basically free with premium features like video exercise. You can build up your own plan quickly by answering two or three simple questions enough the fitness plan is different for everyone depending on the answers you have provided.

Now, the app will provide you a video presentation of the exercise, and the workout is entirely audio generated, I will recommend this if you’re just starting out because of the only good thing about this application.

The training plan moreover the Fitbit coach app has 90 days extended trial, so you can register there and access all the workout for free the app seems to be a fusion of Nike Run Club, and Nike fitness, in my opinion, nothing different.

Download Nike Training

7. Internet Speed Meter Lite

So sometimes I use the mobile data to carry through my work from home, which like most of you comes with a data cap of 2 to 3 GB every day. so, I have to keep in check that as well.
Now natively Android and iOS don’t provide you such options, and you can use my airtel app or Even jio app to track your daily data usage.

However, I use the Internet data Lite app so it basically uses an icon in the status bar showing you the current speed plus when you open the app it gives you, your daily data right on the bar, and the app also categorized data spend on mobile as well as Wi-Fi. I know it’s not a breakthrough app but definitely comes in handy during the lockdown.

Download Internet Speed Meter Lite

8. Byju’s Academy App

Now, schools and colleges are closed during this lockdown but that shouldn’t stop you from learning.  so assuming that you are from India you might already know about two popular he does take start-ups that are Byju’s, and Unacademy.

So UnAcademy is for grown-ups, which specialize in more advanced courses like CAD, PG, etc. both include a bunch of free, and paid online courses.
However as of now, it’s only free for students studying for 2 to 12, and we are no good to judge the quality of courses.

Download Byju’s Academy

9. Aarogya Setu App

I am sure you are aware of our idea to say to the app. I hope I pronounced it right, so it was just launched a week ago by the Government of India, and within days it has more than 10 million downloads.

so the app tells, you if you have crossed paths with someone who is tested positive of COVID-19 by using your Bluetooth, and GPS location not sure how accurate that might be with limited testing.

we have currently, however, also has a self-screening tool, and in case some of your answers suggested COVID-19 symptoms, then this information is passed on to the government which might come handy in the future to initiate the isolation procedure for you.

Download Aarogya Setu App

10. Island

So, Island an application that creates a sandbox environment using android for work features. So, basically, it splits your phone into work, and personal. It enables you to create two instances of the same applications like WhatsApp to Facebook. You know just like you can do in MIUI, and RealMe Devices, but here’s the difference, it can also freeze apps so, in this way you can shut down those games and app or advertisement apps in real me UI or MIUI.

You know the names, but this can also be done internally or by using greenify with root, and island also uses greenify in fact it’s made by the same developer.

Download Island App

So, here’s what I use it for HBO GO is providing 500 hours of quality content for free only for the U.S. users and, if I want to wash that, of course, I can use a VPN but if you use island, and create a separate instance of a VPN app, and Chrome then you can use Chrome within the work account, and watch HBO now.
Same time Chrome for a personal account can still not open HBO go, and you can use it for your personal browsing.

So this is the list of top 10 Best Android Apps To Try This Lockdown! Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it, without your support, I can not reach this knowledge even further, so help me by sharing my post so that I can bring you a tricks more than one To share the post, you can use the share buttons given below, and, If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to contact us section of this site. thank you so much.

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