Easiest way to Configure iphone with wifi calling | How to set up wifi calling on iphone/iOS Device

Hey Guys, and welcome back to another post, so in this post, I am going to show you Easiest way to Configure iphone with wifi calling , and also cover iphone wifi calling not working how to fix? So let’s get started-

Easiest way to Configure iphone with wifi calling | How to set up wifi calling on iphoneiOS Device

Easy way to Configure iphone with wifi calling Step by Step follow me

Now, here are some steps that you can easily set up wifi on iphone/iOS Device. Read the steps till the last-

STEP1; First of all, open Settings app on your iphone/iOS Device.

STEP2; Now, tap on General Setting, and then tap on About.

STEP3; Now, you can see guys, you have software version, Again Go back, and close the Settings app.

Note: Guys so before enabling Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone/iOS Device are make sure, Your mobile network supports of Wi-Fi calling.

I have Jio SIM card installed on device, and in my country, the Jio network supports Wi-Fi calling.

STEP4; First make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network, I have connected to the Wi-Fi network away, if you are not connected to the Wi-Fi network, just connect it.

STEP5; Now, Go back, and close the settings app, and again you have to open the Settings app on your iPhone/iOS device.

STEP6; After that you have to scroll down, and find the phone inside the setting section.

STEP7; Now, top on phone to open it, and you can see Wi-Fi calling.

STEP8; Now, you can see Wi-Fi calling off, so just tap on Wi-Fi calling on This Phone, and you can see the Wi-Fi calling on iPhone/iOS Device.

STEP9; Now, you can see the little message inside the Wi-Fi Calling section. let’s read that first.

STEP10; Now, you have a little link about Wi-Fi calling, and privacy so just tap on the link, and read the message.

STEP11; After you done just tap on Done link over, Now, tap on enable, this so you have to tap on Wi-Fi Calling on This phone, and Next Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone. okay so currently it’s off.

STEP12; Now, tap on the button, and you have the warning message, and you can see it’s about location data, and what your carrier collects. so let’s read a message to enable Wi-Fi calling.

STEP13; Now, just read the message, and if you agree just tap on enable button, and you can see you have Wi-Fi calling enabled on this iPhone/iOS Device.

STEP14; Now, Go back you can see Wi-Fi calling on, and go back close the settings app.

Guys so that’s in this way you can easily enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone/iOS are running iOS version 13.3.

iphone wifi calling not working how to fix?

What to do when Wi-Fi calling is not working on your iPhone. Wi-Fi calling is great because it lets, you make phone calls using your Wi-Fi connection in areas where there isn’t much cell coverage.
So it’s great, especially if you’re on vacation. So it’s not working, and It wasn’t working on my phone.

Steps to iPhone wifi calling not working how to fix?

STEP1; Now, The first thing you want to do is just make sure that Wi-Fi is actually on. Otherwise, you can’t use Wi-Fi calling.

STEP2; Make sure that Wi-Fi is on your iPhone, just go to Settings and check out Wi-Fi.

STEP3; Make sure that the Wi-Fi switch is green, and just tap on a network to connect.

STEP3; Now back to Settings in the upper left-hand corner.

So what’s the next step?

  • Now the next step is to go to Settings >> Cellular, and make sure that Wi-Fi calling has been turned on.
  • I’ll just tap on Wi-Fi calling, and I’m going to turn on the switch next to Wi-Fi calling on iPhone.

Enable Wi-Fi calling
Now going to bring up a little screen that says, “Where do you want us to send Emergency Services if we can’t use GPS on your phone to find your location?”
So when you call 911
I should read it from this: “It’s very important that you update your address whenever you change your location because this location will be given to Emergency Services. when you dial 911 using Wi-Fi calling.”

Only if your cell phone is so far out of range that it can’t get GPS. So either one will try to use GPS.
This wasn’t working for me though earlier today.
Now, the first thing we want to say too is that if your Wireless plan doesn’t include Wi-Fi calling, you might not even see the option on your iPhone.

if you don’t see it, and you think you should have it, contact your carrier.
But if you do have it, you turned it on, and it’s not working, the next step is to eject
your SIM card then reinserts it, and that’s what fixed it for me earlier today.

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So you have to find the SIM card tray slot, which is on the side of your iPhone.
You can use a paper clip — undo the paper clip. We have a fancy SIM card ejector tool.
Just stick it in the little hole, and apply pressure. Don’t be afraid to press down.
You’ll see the no SIM card installed warning on your iPhone and say okay to that. Then you can lose your SIM card. Lose your SIM card and it’s gone forever.

So this is the steps of iphone wifi calling not working how to fix? and also cover the topic Configure iphone with wifi calling. Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it.

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