6+ Best Hacking Apps for iPhone/iOS Devices 2021

Hello Guys! You’re warm welcome in this advance hacking blog. Now today I came here to share “Best Hacking Apps for iPhone/iOS Device” by which you can use iPhone better using reverse engineering, testing, etc. using these tools.

6+ Best Hacking Apps for iPhoneiOS Devices 2020 | Things You Should Know!
6+ Best Hacking Apps for iPhone/iOS Devices 2021

 This tool is very useful for ethical hackers and ios developers. So let’s get started-


List of 6+ Best Hacking Apps for iPhone/iOS Devices

Myriam ios security app

It is a very useful hacking app that has been developed by security researchers, and GitHub user geosnow. 

This app is considered useful for new ios hackers. In which there are various discoveries, experiments, etc, And with the help of Uikit present in this app, you can hack the app and open a favorite website.

iwep Pro
iwep pro is a wireless tool for ios users. The help of this popular hacking app can be used for various tasks, from which you can hack wifi password. 

Depending on the encryption it cracks the password in some time.

ispy is a reverse engineering app that solves problems of dynamic analysis of web applications. This app is very easy to use in which the existing web GUI can be used by iPhone users for class dumps, tracking, SSL certificate pinning bypass, etc.

The hopper app is not a complete iPhone hacking app. hopper dissembler is a reverse engineering tool used to decompile ios enthusiast disassemble and debug applications.

Also, the code of this app can be reassembled with modifications. Hopper is a great app to start reverse engineering.

Warning: This post is only for Educational Purpose, do not misuse it.

frida is an extremely powerful iPhone hacking app. It runs operations in two models, one with jailbreak and the other without jailbreak. With the help of the Farida tool, you can easily control system services and apps.

cycript is a very useful dynamic analysis tool. Which is used to analyze apps running on your iPhone, iPad, and other devices. On installing cycript app in jailbroken device, ios app security can be used as well as set breakpoint at will.


When doing security work in a device, application, network traffic, etc. is an important part of this process. Which requires HTTP sniffer programs, for which port Swigger’s Burp suite is used. And port Swigger’s Burp is used for ios hacking and security apps to test web applications.


So, friends, these were some ios hacking apps. I hope you will like this list of Top Best Hacking Apps for iPhone iOS Devices.

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