10+ iPhone Secret Tricks and Hacks You Cannot Miss 2020!

Hey Guys, and welcome back to another post, so in this post, I am going to show you 10+ iPhone Secret Tricks and Hacks to make your life easier. maybe you have been using an iPhone for years or maybe you just recently, switched to it in both cases there are so many secret settings and tricks that you don’t know about but you really so let’s get started-

10+ iPhone Secret Tricks and Hacks You Cannot Miss 2020!


10+ iPhone Secret Tricks and Hacks You Cannot Miss!

Here Top 10+ iPhone Secret Tricks and Hacks, Which make the iPhone easier

Tricks1; View Save Password

Now talk about our first iPhone trick with Siri. You can see all your saved passwords, and instantly access all of your saved secret codes with a simple command-

STEP1; Hey Siri show me save passwords the virtual assistant will directly take you to the safe password screen here you can see all your shared passwords.

Tricks2; Launch Any App From the LockScreen

Now, you can launch any app from the lock screen on psi devices we have the flash, and camera button. we can customize button according to our wish-

STEP1; Now, open city shortcut app, and head over to automation here. click on create personal automation.

STEP2; Now swipe down, and click on open applications. Now we want to change the camera application, so click on the camera, and hit done.

STEP3; Now, click on next, and then add action, that you want for this app so click on open apps, and choose the app that you want on the lock screen.

STEP4; So I want WhatsApp on the lock screen. Now click on Next, and here done asked before running just click done. Now, when we open the camera application it will launch WhatsApp.

Tricks3; Send Whatsapp Message without showing online

Siri has gotten a lot better over time. You can even ask Siri to send ours a message all, you have to do is wake up Siri, and say send our message to the contact name. obviously replace contact name with the name of the person that, you want to send a message to then tell what the message simply speaks the message out, then Siri will proceed to confirm. if you want to send the message simply say yes, and your message will be sent.

Tricks4; Quickly Switch between Mobile and Desktop Sites

Sometimes you need to switch to desktop sites on your cell phone. iOS has made it much easier to switch between desktop and mobile sites.

STEP1; Now to get it done simply open Safari, and then tap on the text button at the top left corner.

STEP2; After that choose the request text of the website on the menu. Now, you can enjoy mobile sites on your cell phone.

Tricks5; Lock Any App with Passcode

Now, you can lock any app with a passcode like photos, messages, Instagram, etc without any third-party app.

STEP1; Now, First open the Settings app, and select screen time, then click to use screen time passcode, and set a four-digit passcode once you are created screen time passcode tap on app limits. in the app, limits tap add a limit.

STEP2; Now, you can choose which apps you wish to limit by various groupings like productivity or social networking. you can set limits on any app like photos, WhatsApp, Instagram, messages.

STEP3; so I select Instagram, and photos, then click on Next after you have selected which apps you would like to limit use the timer interface to select a short period of time as a minute. so that means every single day my phone will only allow me to use those apps without putting a passcode for one minute.

STEP4; Then tap add so now as you guys can see my Photos app right here look at that item so this means that I can’t use it anymore unless.

STEP5; I put my passcode so let’s check it out so if I say ok it will close, so if you wish to continue to use the app tap ask for more time enter the four-digit screen time passcode do you create it once you have entered your passcode you can choose how much longer to allow use of the app either 15 minutes an hour or all day, so after that time it will be automatically locked.

Tricks6; Convert any Document into PDF

Your iPhone has a hidden PDF Converter, which can let you convert any document into PDF.

STEP1; Now, First open the document our photo. you wish to convert into PDF and tap on the share button.

STEP2; Now, choose print in the share sheet next ignore the print selection, and just pinch, and zoom out on the preview thumbnail to turn the document into PDF and it’s all done. Now you can share it or save it.

Tricks7; Access the Calculator Fast

if you need to do the math on the fly but don’t want to open the calculator app. there is a faster way you didn’t know about-

STEP1; Swipe right over the home screen lock screen or while you are looking at your notifications type in the operation.

STEP2; Your iPhone will calculate it for you this piece of advice will definitely come in handy when you need to calculate something very fast.

Tricks8; Make iPhone Speaker Louder

Now, you can make your iPhone speaker louder here is a trick for boosting the volume on your cell phone.

STEP1; Now, First go to settings then music, and tap eco, and then finally select late-night from the list of settings.
The trick won’t make your iPhone as loud as if it were plugged into a speaker but many people noted that it did increase the volume of the music they were playing.

Tricks9; Record the screen of iPhone

You can record the screen of your iPhone. as I am doing that, and you can fully customize control center according to your need.

STEP1; Now, tap on Settings, and tap on the control center tap customize controls and then tap the green plus icon. 

STEP2; Next to any item you want to add and the red icon to delete items tap hold, and slide the icon with the three bars to reorganize the controls from here you can record and stop your screen recording. 

Tricks10; Show Whatsapp Activity in Recent Section 

STEP1; it’s a swipe left you usually have your recent section, but if you click on the edit button, and scroll right until the bottom.

STEP2; You will see the option of WhatsApp if you click on the plus icon. it will obviously add WhatsApp to the recent section.

STEP3; You can just move it around to whatever best according for you. Now in future when you head on over to your recent section, you will see your latest WhatsApp conversation.

STEP4; if you click on the down arrow, you will see the latest status updates that have been posted by your contacts. 

Tricks11; Lock Whatsapp with FaceID

Now, You can lock your WhatsApp, with touch ID or Face ID depending on your device to require face ID to unlock WhatsApp.

STEP1; Now, the First tap on Settings account privacy screen lock and toggle on the required facility when the face ID toggle enabled.

STEP2; Now, you will see some additional options appear below that allow them to activate the authentication requirement immediately, after one minute after 15 minutes or after one hour. Now it will ask for facility or touch ID whenever you will open the WhatsApp.

So this is the top 10+ iPhone Secret Tricks and Hacks to make your life easier. Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it, without your support, I can not reach this knowledge even further, so help me by sharing my post so that I can bring you a tricks more than one To share the post, you can use the share buttons given below, and, If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to contact us section of this site. thank you so much.

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