How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iphone – 2022

Hello Guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post. I’m gonna show you guys if you are searching for how do I transfer contacts from android to iPhone then don’t worry here. 

How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iphone - 2021
How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iphone – 2021

Now just to be clear, this method is going to work for any number of contacts, so I’m just using three for demonstration, but you can in effect use five 10,20, 100,500, or even a thousand or more contacts from Android to the iPhone using this method. This method is 100% free and it’s very efficient, and it’s only gonna take.


 Requirement :

  • Any pc or mac
  • Your smartphone
  • Of course 1 minute.


How To Transfer Contacts From Android To iphone

You do not need to download apps, you do not need to pay any money it’s 100% free. so let me show you, how to get it done. I need you to understand that all these contacts over here are in fact backed up to my Google account, and that’s how you do it with Android smartphones with the iPhone all your contacts are in fact backed into a cloud.

Follow the below-given steps one by one-

STEP1:  The key to this transfer is just to transfer my contacts, from my Google account to get to the iCloud which I’m gonna do in a second. Before we do that I want to make sure that you guys do one thing on your Android smartphone. 

I have three contacts here, what I want you guys to do is go to the “settings” of your Android smartphone, and it’s gonna look a little bit different than my phone over here because you may have a different manufacturer.

STEP2: Now, go to the accounts section of the settings, and then just look for accounts, and just find the Google account that, you’re using on your Android smartphone. In my case (just imagine) this is the Google account that, I’m using right now to sync all my information from my phone to my Google accounts.

STEP3: So tap on it, and then tap on the Sync account and make sure that contacts are in fact being synced to your Google Account, and that’s all you have to do with this smartphone.

STEP4: Now after, you make sure that this is enabled all, you have to do is go to your computer ,and log into Google.

STEP5: Let me show you how to get that done and transfer the context, and they’re gonna magically appear right over here via iCloud.
So after you move over to your PC or your Mac all, I want you guys to do is launch any browser that you want, and then go to contacts okay dot that’s all you got to do.

STEP6: Now click enter and it’s gonna ask, you to sign in to your Gmail account just log right.

STEP7: Now in my case mine login automatically but as you can see the three contacts that I had on my phone are showing up right over here because they’re in fact synced to this Gmail account. 
So to transfer these contacts all, you want to do is just hover over one of the contacts, and select the contact that you want to transfer over.

STEP8: Now, then over here on the top, you can tap on that arrow down button and just choose all contacts. 
You can actually selectively choose or unchoose the context that you do want to transfer over. In my case, I’m going to transfer all three contacts. So I just want over here and did all and that’s gonna select all the contacts.

STEP9: Next what, you want to do is, click on this button here that three buttons over here, just click on it, and click on export once you click on export.

STEP10: You’re gonna get this box over here, and at the bottom of this box is it says that you want to export this as vCard for iOS context. So iOS is Apple so, you wanna choose this and they want to make sure this is set to a selected context, and then simply click export.

STEP11: Now a file is going to download, as you just saw at the bottom. It’s gonna be named as a context this file will go into your downloads folder.

STEP12: So let me bring up my downloads folder. it’s right over here, the file that just downloaded. Now what you want to do is go back to your browser, and just go to, and again it’s gonna ask you to log into iCloud, and just make sure that you log into iCloud.
STEP13: Once you’re here you’re gonna see this dashboard click on context, and now what we have here is we have all the contexts are currently on my iPhone. which as you know is nothing because my contacts on my iPhone were completely empty.

STEP14:  So what I want to do is now to import the file that I just exported from the Google site. so all you want to do is come to The Actions menu button click on it.
Then click on import vCard, so we can click on that, and then we’re gonna go to my downloads folder on my PC right over here, and here’s the contacts dot VCF file you click on it.

STEP15: You click open and boom all three are gonna show up right here and you’re done with your computer.

STEP16: Now let’s move on to my iPhone just click one button on the iPhone, and all these contacts are magically gonna appear on my iPhone. 

All right so on your iPhone, all you want to do is this just go home real quick go to the settings scroll down to it say passwords and accounts, just tap on it, and then go into your iCloud account tap on it.
Then make sure the contacts button here is, in fact, enabled just click on that, now I’m going to go back home launch my phone, and boom those three contacts that were invisible just appeared here.

LAST WORD: They’re the exact same replicas of these three contexts so, that’s all you do to transfer contacts from Android to the iPhone, so if I click on this contact here. This contact here you’re gonna get the same exact information as, you can see all right just remember the key concept is the contacts on your Android smartphone get synced into your Gmail / Google account.

The contacts on your iPhone are synced back to your iCloud account, and all you have to do is transfer from Google to iCloud, and boom you’re done. Here in this post, I don’t use any app to transfer contacts from android to iPhone.

Now here is the end of the article this is the overall information for you. Don’t forget to share this post. Share it on Facebook or any social site. Thank you so much.

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