Best Free Weather App For iphone(iOS) in – 2022

HELLO, readers today I am coming with a great post that is all about the best free weather app for iPhone.The question in your mind will be what is the best weather app for iPhone? Now I am providing a list of the most accurate free weather app for the iPhone.

Best Free Weather App For iphone(iOS) In 2021

All right so I’m gonna quickly give you guys some reasons why I think the Weather-related mobile app is perfect for your iPhone and why You should download it.

If you’re a weather fanatic such as myself it’s an easy app to use, it breaks down everything. You’re always eyeballing the weather what’s gonna happen during that day or if you’re planning ahead while you’re on your bike. You want to know what the weather is gonna be like in the future, this is a perfect app to have and last but not least like myself as well.

If you’re an outdoorsy type person and don’t want to get stuck in the rain in bad weather in general while you’re out, so this is a perfect app because it’ll tell you what’s going on in the future within the hour.


Best Free Weather App For iphone 

Here is the best free weather app for iPhone.

1. Accuweather Mobile app

After downloading and installing the app. You can see a home screen as I can see on my phone, here it’s obviously night time so I can see the moon. I like the little illustration there. The app is very easy to access and easily readable whether you’re into weather a lot or you’re just trying to look at it at a glance and get what’s going on in the weather.

accuweather mobile app

Basically for the day for the evening as you can see your location, you could quit clicking to the radar here boom there you go you got your radar screen you could zoom in and everything just like most apps you can zoom out you can see what’s going on over here hit play you can see the rain whatever weathers are going on at that time you could also look at the future radar so I’ll give you the future of what’s going on obviously nothing.

Here in Pennsylvania which is great, I’m not gonna complain about that you could also instead of hitting the radar button here you could slide to the left you can scroll down a little bit here and check out looking ahead.

it’s gonna give you what to expect ahead of time so tomorrow night it’s saying through Friday evening today’s Wednesday saying Thursday through Friday evening look expect rainy weather you can scroll down as well and see that it’s a clear look at the hour-by-hour temperature which is great what’s it gonna be partly sunny you can check out the real feel.

if you’re into that like I said with motorcycles and everything like that when you’re riding the real field temperature is probably a little bit better to figure out what the temperature is really gonna feel like what you need to wear how you need to bundle up and then you can go and look at the percentages of precipitation hour-by-hour up to I believe it’s probably like up 36 hours or so you can check the percentages obviously like.

so you’re looking at about six seven-day forecasts you can also hit 15-day forecasts and get even further ahead for the planning purposes and then you can get additional days if you want however you have to upgrade to the Platinum version I don’t have that I’m not trying to look at that far ahead and then you could scroll down and you’ll see down here it’ll show you the Sun and the moon when the Sun rises when sunset is what type of moon and everything’s going on what time you could also add special locations so as you can see here.

I have my location set up for Niagara Falls Ohio some Baltimore you can click on these right away and see the same exact stuff BAM takes you right in as long as you know the zip code or the name of the city it’ll bring it up let’s do one, for example, let’s say heading to New York City there you go, New York, New York boom we added it let’s go over there pretty much the same weather as it is at my house but it’s pretty simple pretty basic.

I love this app I love everything about it oh I almost forgot as well at the top here you’ll see a red flag warning going on this is where it’ll tell you any kind of severe weather alerts whether it be pertaining to fires things like that fire Weather Watch red flag warning up in New York and it’ll break it all down this is what the National Weather Service basically tells you.

so if you hear things on the radio and everything like that this is basically like the National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning and stuff like that. It’ll break it down to even what it means what’s a red flag warning some people don’t know boom, there you go it’ll break that down for every type of weather that’s going on I love this app. Alright, guys so that’s the Accu weather app for your iPhone.


2. Dark Sky

Dark Sky’s data is the gold standard of weather data as far as I’m concerned. In fact, many of the other apps I’ll be discussing use their API to populate their information. 

Dark Sky

Dark Sky has always been one of my favorites, though. It’s best known for down-to-the-minute forecasts.


3. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is probably the most unique weather app you’ll come across, but it’s also one of the best. Along with having a great UI and weather data (Dark Sky), it has a “personality.” It has a robot-like personality that can be somewhat evil at times.

Carrot Weather

It’s in good fun, and the personality features can be customized or turned off in the settings. It has a great UI that doesn’t require multiple taps to find out information. Everything can be found by scrolling right or one tap onto a future day.


4. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app for iPhone greets you with a simple interface that still manages to pack in a ton of detailed information. You’ll get the daily, hourly, and even a 15-day forecast, along with wind speed, humidity, and UV index information. The app also informs you of any weather-related road conditions in the area.

The Weather Channel

It rounds out with news stories and videos about local and national storms, or scientific discoveries relating to weather and nature.


5. Weather Radar

MyRadar is fast and super easy to use for anyone. It opens up to a full HD map that displays live radar of the weather in your general vicinity. 

Weather Radar

In addition to the weather maps, you get an hourly and five-day forecast as well, with precipitation graphs, humidity, dew point, and visibility details.


6. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather brings the weather to life with a stunning interface that focuses on actual photographs from where you are. With Yahoo Weather, you get accurate hourly, five-day, and 10-day forecasts that will keep you prepared no matter what the weather brings.

Yahoo Weather

All the weather information is displayed as an overlay on top of a Flickr photograph of your location, which reflects the current weather conditions as well.

LAST WORD: Nowhere list of best weather apps are most seriously considered by smartphone users due to its incredible capabilities and unique features. With these apps, you are sure you will never be left behind in knowing the latest weather updates and can avoid potentially hazardous situations.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post if you haven’t done it.

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