How to Install Kali Nethunter using Termux on Android [No root]

Hey Guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post. so in this post. I am going to show you “Install Kali Nethunter using Termux on Android” Are you trying to figure out how to install Kali Nethunter on an Android phone without root using Termux? If so, you are on the right page.

How to Install Kali Nethunter using Termux on Android [No root]


Kali Nethunter is the most popular open-source penetration tool, offering support for Software Defined Radio (SDR), 802.11 Wireless Injection, AP mode, a complete Linux Setup, and USB Y-cables and HID Keyboards integrated. Kali Netnunter supports both unrooted and rooted devices and can be installed on any Android device easily in a matter of seconds. Installing Kali Linux on an Android device without rooting is possible in numerous ways. On the official Kali Linux website, you can download the ROM for free.

The most common method of installing Kali Netnunter is through the Termux emulator. The best part about termux is that it is also an open-source project and supports most binary and tools. Previously, I published an article on termux in which I showed you how to install Metasploit on android devices using termux.

You will learn how to install Kali Nethunter in any Android device without rooting it in this tutorial. In order to begin the installation process, your device should already have termux installed. Follow the below tutorial to install the termux emulator on your Android without root if you have not yet installed it, else you may skip this step.


How to install termux emulator in android device without root

Note: If you have already installed the termux terminal in your android device then make sure that termux is granted access to the internal as well as external or sd card storage. If you are not able to access the storage then run ‘termux-setup-storage’ without quotes. A pop up box will appear asking permission to grant access to the storage, then tap allow.

STEP1: There is a free version of the termux emulator available at the f-droid store. From there, you can download it for free.

STEP2: Install the termux apps from Google Play Store. Installation of the application is a very straightforward task. You need to apply the same method as you install any other application from the google play store.

Open the application once you have installed the termux. It may take a few minutes for the application to download the latest binary and modules from the server, so please be patient.

STEP3: Allow Termux to access SD card storage. You must ensure that the termux emulator has access to your external/internal SD card once the installation is complete. You can enable access by running the following command:


Once you run the above command, A pop-up box will appear asking permission to grant access to the storage, then tap allow.

That’s it. The termux emulator has been successfully installed on your Android device. The next step would be to install Kali nethunter within the termux emulator.

You can read the below articles on termux in detail

Now let’s walk through the steps.

How to install Kali nethunter using termux in Android device [No Root]

Here are some steps to install Kali nethunter using termux. step by step follow me-

STEP1: Your first step should be updating the packages and binaries to the most recent versions. You can run the command below.

apt update && apt upgrade

STEP2: Now you need to install Curl packages so that you can download the required files from the server. Run the below command.

apt-get install curl

STEP3: We’re now going to download and install the Kalinethunter from the resource server on termux. Make sure that the files should be downloaded into your home directory. So run the below commands one by one.

cd $HOME

curl -LO

STEP4: Now, you need to run the below command to make the nethunter packages executable.

chmod +x kalinethunter

STEP5: Now we need to run the kali nethunter script. You can run the below command to run the nethunter.


STEP6: Once the installation process is done, you can run kali by following the below command.


That’s it. You have successfully installed kali nethunter in termux without root. There are many times when termux throws a permission denied error. This may be the result of not having the required kernel installed on the termux emulator. You can easily bypass it by installing the required binaries. Read further to fix permission denied error.

How to fix permission denied error in Kali nethunter

To fix the permission denied error, you need to install the kernel archive. You should download the packages for one time only. Do not repeat these steps.

Run the below command one by one-

pkg install wget


apt install ./kali-archive-keyring_2018.1_all.deb

That’s it. I am hopeful that the above step shall fix the permission denied warning. 

The best way to start penetrating into any Android device is using Kali nethunter and Termux. Additionally, you can use Termux to enhance the performance of your Android device like a professional ethical hacker by installing thousands of tools and binaries.

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