How To Recover permanently Deleted Files In Windows even from recyclebin 2022 (Update)

Hello, dear friends, I hope you are fine. today I will start a very special topic” how to recover permanently deleted item “. Sometimes we are feeling very sad when we delete some music, videos, software, etc by simply doing shift+ delete. In general, we delete any type of file in a simple manner like right-click on that file and simply click on delete, So the computer deletes that file but a copy of that file is stored in recycle bin folder of the computer. by which the user again restores it. 

How To Recover permanently Deleted Files In Windows even from recyclebin 2022 (Update)

But sometimes we delete those files also from recycle bin which creates sometimes problems because I really need that file. Don’t worry about the reason” how to restore our permanent deleted item “.Here I am giving you my best way to recover that such of important files which you really need. Here I am providing step-by-step procedures for every software.

NOTE:Don’t use internet after deleted your favorite data otheriwise no software will able to recover your files.

Here I am providing you very best tool pandora which is useful for recovering your deleted item. The step-by-step procedure is given below.


It is a very popular software which recovers your permanently deleted files. It is also user-friendly software and simple to use.

Step1:) First of all download pandora recovery tool.

Step:2) After that install it.

Step3:) Now when the installation wizard is complete simply open it.

Step:4) When you open the Pandora tool it shows another wizard simply click on the Next button and make a tick on “start this wizard the next time Pandora recovery starts”

Step 5:) First you see if your deleted file are in your recycle bin

Step:6) If you find your deleted file in recycle bin simply tick on yes I found my deleted files and if not found your deleted files in recycle bin folder simply tick on No I have not found my files(see below picture for better understanding)


Step7:) If you selected “YES I HAVE FAUND MY FILES”  and click on the next button following screen appear to see picture below close pandora recovery when I click the finish button

Step8:) If you select “I have not found my files ” and click on the next button below the picture that comes in front of your face.

simply selected “start this wizard the next time pandora recovery starts “click on the next button and


Step9:) Simply select one of the methods below

    a)  browse

    b) search method

    c) surface scan method

  And you have successfully recovered your deleted files by clicking on the next button. 

A) When you select the browse method

Right-click on the drive where your deleted files are located after a few second the list of all deleted files come in front of you. Here deleted files and folder are in red color and file which is compressed are in blue color and encrypted files are in green color.

Some more software which recovers your files.

1) TOKIWA Data Recovery

2) Recuva recovery tool

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