8 Methods to remove Viruses and Worms from your system | Best free malware removal tool 2019

Hello guys,  you are welcome here. In this article,. This is a detailed guide for solving the problems or rid out from malware, malicious software in your system. These problems try hard to damage your system. Many malware has been created which easily enters in your computer and then unusual activity happens in the computer.

8 Methods to remove Viruses and Worms from your system

Malware simply means malicious programs e.g. virus, worms, trojans, etc. I am considering that you know about all these things, so I am directly providing you the methods of removing or cleaning these things.


8 Methods are provided below and you have to follow accordingly. I didn’t name these Methos, these are just from step 1 to 8 and you need to follow them because there are various types of malware and so is the preventing method differs for variety of malware. this will entirely clean your computer.

NOTE -Before starting let me tell you that you should have an internet connection for your PC to be neet and clean, you have to download the updated version of some software specified in the steps below.

8 Methods to remove Viruses and Worms from your system


STEP1:  first, download and install malware bytes anti-malware.  

STEP2: Install it then click on update, after this do a complete scan.

STEP3:  let the scanning process be completed, it will take some time.

STEP4:  After scanning the antimalware software screen will show many malicious programs which can be dangerous for your system.so click on “Quarantine All” and then “Apply Action”.

STEP5: Now, if your system has a malware then antimalware will give you a message to restart your system to remove the malware, so click on YES.

STEP6: After restarting again scan your computer to check if any malware is still there.

it’s not done yet, don’t think all the viruses are removed you have to follow all the steps given below, as I told you there is a separate tool for a different type of problems.


STEP1;  First, download and install SUPERAntiSpyware.

STEP2;  Now click on “click here to check for updates” and update for better result.

STEP3;  Now click on “scan this computer”.

STEP4; And enable the “delete windows temp files” and then click on “complete scan”.

STEP5;  Now wait and let the scanning be completed.

STEP6; After scanning superantispyware will detect and show all the threats existing in the system.

STEP7;  Click on “continue” and malware will be removed.

it’s not important that all the problems been solved so you have to follow all the steps hereafter because we don’t know which also has been used to create the virus.


STEP1;  now first download and install Kaspersky TDSSKiller.

STEP2; now open it and before scanning it click on “change parameter”. and press ok.

STEP3; now click on “start scan”

STEP4; after completing the scan it will detect malware so click on continue and remove every malware. it may be possible that you have to reboot your system.


STEP1; First of all, you need to download RKill on your computer. 

STEP2;  install it(By double-clicking on iExplorer.exe).

STEP3; this program will terminate all the malicious programs which are running in the background of your computer.because malware always run in the background and we don’t know about it and it ends this process itself so that it cant run in the background.


STEP1; First of all, you need to download HitmanPro.exe file.

STEP2; Now double click on HitmanPro.exe and run the program a window will come in the front, click on next.

STEP3; now click on “I’ I accept the terms of the license agreement ” and then click on next.

STEP4; click on “No, I only want to perform a one time scan to check the computer and then click on next.

STEP5; now it will detect malware so click on next and remove all malware.


STEP1; First of all, you need to download AdwCleaner 

STEP2; Now double click on adwcleaner_4.201.exe and install it following the click on “I agree on button.

STEP3; it will automatically download some important files useful for removing the viruses.

STEP4; click on“scan”.

STEP5; after scanning malicious files will show so click on “cleaning” and remove them. after all this, you have to reboot your computer.


STEP1; firstly download RougeKiller from below-given link

 RougeKiller  32/64 bits (Cloud)

 RougeKiller 32/64 bits (Local)

STEP2; install it by clicking on setup.exe.

STEP3; click on next next next and install.

STEP4; now click on accept.

STEP5; it will detect the malicious file and you have to remove them.


STEP1; First of all, you need to download Emsisoft Emergency Kit.  

STEP2; Now double click on “EmsisoftEmergencykit.exe”

STEP3; now click on “Extract button”

STEP4; Now double click on the icon of “Start Extract Emsisoft Emergency Kit” which is on your desktop.

STEP5; if it asks for update click on ‘yes’ to install updates.

STEP6; after update click on “back” and then on ‘scan’ and then choose “smart ikon”.

STEP7; after scanning removes malware by clicking on “Quarantine”.

NOTE: In point 6 “smart scan” doesn’t work click on “Full scan”.

That’s all! This is overall step by step procedure to get rid out from all type of malware attack, I am sure if you follow all given step your pc deserves no virus in its hard disk. If you guys like this post please don’t forget to share it with your friends, If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to contact us section of this site. thank you 

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