Top 5 Best free Password Manager Tool 2021 | Secure your accounts Easily!

In today’s digital age, you have to remember many passwords. There is a long list of Windows login passwords, e-mail accounts, social networking sites, banking passwords, for which we have different passwords. In such a situation, it is very difficult to remember all the passwords, even if we keep the same password for all the accounts, it can prove to be very harmful to us. Because if one account is hacked, then all your accounts can be hacked.
A unique password for an account, your identity, and data, is an effective tool to stop theft, but it is very difficult to remember them. Here’s a solution. There are many password manager software available on the internet, which easily manages all your login id and password.

5 Best free Password Manager Tool 2019 | Secure your accounts

Today, I will tell you all about some 5 Best Password Manager tool, which does not require you to remember your password and it is absolutely safe.
Here is a list of the best free password manager software. This free software offers many features, such as: Protect your login ID and password with a master password, use AES 256 bit encryption for security.


Using the Best Password Manager, you can also generate a secure password, which will be absolutely secure and will be completely excluded from anyone’s understanding. You can use these Best Password Manager in both your mobile and computer so that you can easily use it when you need it any time.

5 Best free Password Manager Tool 2021

1. Dashlane: Dashlane is a multi-platform password manager and digital wallet, which is also free for Android and IOS with the desktop. Users can store their passwords and personal information in it, and encrypt it. This information can be used to auto-fill form and automatically login to the website.

It can be integrated with the browser and auto-fill option of the keyboard makes AutoFil easier, and it also supports Safari for IOS. It also supports Google Authenticator, which is two-factor authentication.

Its free version can be installed on multiple devices, but if you want to sync for your phone, desktop, and online account, then you have to take a paid version.
Click here to download it from here.


2. LastPass: LastPass is one of the best password managers and is completely free to use. Once you have set a master password, then Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari can import your login credentials saved. You can then delete all the store information from the computer to keep it secure.

LastPass integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari so that you can use your favorite browser from this application.

Its Chrome Extension makes it easier. You will be able to get it in Premium Version Free for one month by clicking on LastPass Premium and signing up for it. Free Premium Version Access will be available for a full month only after sign up. After finishing, you can either use its free version for a lifetime or buy a premium version which is very cheap for this excellent Password Manager.


3. KeePass: KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you securely manage your password. You can keep all passwords in a database, which is locked with a master password or a file. To open this database, only one master password must be remembered or the file must be selected.

Its database is encrypted with the best and most secure AES and Twofish encryption algorithms currently in use. The complete database of KeePass is encrypted, not only the Password field. So in it all your user names, notes, etc. are all encrypted.


4. True Key: This Password Manager is known for its superior look. This is a small browser extension that you can download and use it. The biggest thing is that it is absolutely free and you do not have to pay anything for it.
Click here to download it.


5. 1U Password Manager: 1U Password Manager is one step ahead of all password managers, it manages passwords on your desktop, but it is important to actively use biometric authentication. 1U is totally free. In this, you can add many websites and sync with many devices.

There is no master password in it. It also depends on biometrics, especially on face recognition. It will be unlocked only with your own face.
Its setup is quite simple. Download and install 1U Desktop Manager on your personal computer.


Here is a list of some Best Password Manager in which you can make your life easier and secure by using it. Keep in mind, you do not need to download all Password Manager. You can choose and use it from Best Password Manager as you wish.
That’s all So here is trick so that you can easily remember all your passwords with these 5 Best Free Password Managers.

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