8+ Best Free ChatGPT Bot For Telegram 2023 | A Comprehensive Guide

Telegram rocks the charts as a super popular messaging app. It’s got lots of cool stuff, like the power to make and use chatbots. These chatbots are like little robot helpers. They do things for you and chat with you automatically. Cool, right?

A ChatGPT bot conversing, representing the dynamic and engaging nature of ChatGPT interactions on Telegram.

Similarweb spills the beans: chat.openai.com got a whopping 1.5 billion visits in the last month. That’s a big leap from February 2023’s 1 billion. Now, let’s dive into the good stuff. This article got the lowdown on the 12+ best free ChatGPT Bots on Telegram for 2023.

How To Select The Best Free ChatGPT Bot For Telegram

Several important elements are taken into consideration when assessing and choosing the chatbots that will be featured on this list. Telegram chatbots will search the internet for information to address your questions and help you organize your day more efficiently.
Not all bots, nevertheless, will provide you with exact information. Then, you must locate the top bots that can provide you with accurate information. Thus, these are some of the factors you should think about in order to improve the outcome.


A good chatbot is like a superhero for your chatting adventures. It’s there to quickly handle your questions, give you spot-on answers, and make your talks meaningful. When a chatbot is super reliable, it builds trust and makes you feel confident. That’s the secret sauce to boosting your happiness and keeping you hooked in the conversation game.


Picture this: a reliable chatbot making your chat world super smooth. It’s on the ball, sorting out your questions fast, giving you spot-on info, and making your talks feel rich. When a chatbot is rock-solid reliable, it’s like a trust-building wizard. It boosts your confidence, makes you trust it, and amps up your happiness, keeping you engaged in the convo game.


Think of accuracy as the secret sauce for an awesome user experience. When a chatbot gets you, understands your questions, and dishes out spot-on answers, that’s quality. Users want things quick and accurate, and any slip-ups in the chatbot’s brain can be a real bummer, causing frustration and shaking its street cred. Let’s keep it accurate for a smoother ride!

Below are the best free chatGPT bots in Telegram and their links. 

1. BotFather:

Imagine having a buddy on Telegram just for creating and managing your bots. That’s the BotFather, brought to you by the Telegram team. It’s like your personal bot wizard, helping you craft and tweak your own Telegram bots.
The BotFather is your go-to tool for bot magic. Need a new bot? Just ask, and it’ll give you the secret sauce – an API token. You can chat with the BotFather to pimp up your bot’s name, description, and even slap on a cool profile picture.
But that’s not all. The BotFather isn’t just for show. It’s got some powerful commands up its sleeve. Manage your bot’s settings, get the info you need – all with a few taps and clicks. It’s like bot creation made easy for everyone, even if you’re not a code guru. The BotFather’s got your back!

2. Chappie:

Meet Chappie, the game-changer in the world of Telegram. It’s here to make messaging a breeze, letting you shoot messages, share files, and set reminders without breaking a sweat. But wait, there’s more!
Chappie isn’t your average bot. It’s like the superhero of bots, offering cool extras like language translation, weather updates, and even the latest news flashes. This bot is all about taking your Telegram experience to the next level with its bag of tricks. Get ready to revolutionize your chats with Chappie!

3. Bard AI:

Enter the world of the Bard AI Telegram bot, a game-changer in how we connect. This innovative tool is all about shaking up the way we interact, and it’s got some serious tricks up its virtual sleeve.
Imagine having your very own virtual bard, tuned in to your preferences. This bot isn’t just any bot—it’s armed with top-notch natural language skills. It steps into the shoes of a storyteller, dishing out personalized recommendations based on your favorite genres, preferred authors, or even specific themes. Get ready for a storytelling journey tailored just for you, courtesy of the Bard AI Telegram bot!
Whether you’re a bookworm hungry for new stories or a wordsmith craving inspiration, the Bard AI Telegram bot is your go-to. It’s not just about recommending books; it’s about turning your digital space into a lively literary haven.
The Bard AI Telegram bot doesn’t just drop book suggestions; it’s here for a chat. Dive into meaningful conversations about different books, characters, and plot twists. It’s like having a book club right in your pocket, making the literary world come alive in the digital realm. Get ready for literary adventures and inspiration, courtesy of the Bard AI Telegram bot!

4. TeLe ⁣ᴬⁱ:

Enter Tele AI, the telegram bot that’s changing the game for businesses and their customers. This remarkable bot isn’t just for show—it’s reshaping how companies talk to their clients, bringing in a wave of efficiency.
Powered by some serious natural language processing skills, Tele AI isn’t your average bot. It dives deep into user queries, analyzing them and truly understanding what’s going on. This isn’t just about sending messages; it’s about offering top-notch, personalized customer support that hits the bullseye. Get ready for a revolution in business communication, all thanks to the prowess of Tele AI!

5. B.AI:

Meet B.AI, the telebot designed to make business-client connections a breeze. It’s all about making things easy and smooth, ensuring businesses and customers can chat without a hitch.
B.AI does the heavy lifting by automating responses and providing instant help. It’s like a superhero for saving time, not just for customers but also for businesses. The result? Everyone’s happier. Business interactions become seamless, and satisfaction levels shoot through the roof. Cheers to B.AI for making engagement effortless and delightful!

6. ChatGPT & Midjourney | AI bot:

Check out this top-tier AI Telegram bot that’s all about serving users like a pro. Packed with the latest tech, this chatbot isn’t just good—it’s exceptional.
Crafted with cutting-edge wizardry, this bot is quick on its feet, delivering snappy and spot-on responses. It’s like having a chat with a tech-savvy friend who just gets you. The result? Conversations flow seamlessly, making interactions a breeze. Here’s to the chatbot that stands out in the crowd, making every chat smooth and tailored to your needs!

7. BuddyGPT:

Meet BuddyGPT, the ultimate companion designed to be your go-to for everything on Telegram. This pal comes packed with a bunch of cool features, making it the one-stop solution for all your Telegram adventures. BuddyGPT has got your back!


Crafted by the brilliant minds at OpenAI, this cutting-edge bot isn’t your average Joe. It taps into top-notch artificial intelligence, zipping through user requests at lightning speed. The AiGPT Telegram Bot isn’t just a bot; it’s a powerhouse of possibilities.
Think of it as your central command hub. From setting up appointments to managing to-do lists, tossing out weather updates, and acing answers to your questions, this bot does it all. It’s your one-stop-shop for effortless assistance. OpenAI’s masterpiece is here, and it’s called the AiGPT Telegram Bot. Let the smart assistance begin!

9. Voicy:

In the world of communication, voice messages have become a hit. They bring a personal touch that written messages often miss out on. But hey, let’s face it – finding time to listen to those long voice messages? Not always a walk in the park.

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Ever felt overwhelmed by voice messages? Meet Voicy Telegram Bot, your go-to solution. Packed with cool features and a user-friendly vibe, Voicy is here to make managing and listening to voice messages a piece of cake. It’s all about enhancing your Telegram experience.

Voicy is like the magic wand for voice messages. It simplifies everything. Need to know what’s in them? Voicy’s got you covered with transcriptions. Looking for something specific? Just use the keyword search. And guess what? Voicy speaks many languages. It can translate messages into different ones, making communication a breeze. Say hello to Voicy – the bot that turns the hassle of voice messages into a seamless experience.


In conclusion, the marriage of ChatGPT bots and Telegram creates a symbiotic relationship that enhances user engagement and interaction. The future holds exciting possibilities as AI continues to shape the landscape of messaging platforms.


Are ChatGPT bots free to use on Telegram?

Yes, the mentioned ChatGPT bots are free to use, providing accessible AI-powered interactions.

Can I customize the responses of ChatGPT bots?

While customization options may vary, some bots offer settings to tailor responses based on user preferences.

Is ChatGPT suitable for business applications on Telegram?

Absolutely! Many businesses leverage ChatGPT bots for customer interactions, support, and engagement.

How does burstiness enhance the user experience in ChatGPT conversations?

Burstiness adds a spontaneous and creative element to conversations, making interactions more dynamic and engaging.

What security measures does Telegram have for ChatGPT bot interactions?

Telegram prioritizes user security, ensuring encrypted communication and robust protection against potential threats.

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