Why Hacker use Nodistribute Site instead of Virustotal for Scanning Virus and Malwares

Hello, guys today I am going to teach you about what is the virustotal site and nodistribute site and what is the use of these sites. In my previous post, i explain about how to create an undetectable backdoor for hacking windows and android. And in that post virustotal and nodistribute site were mention. Now the use of these sites is only to scan any file through most popular antiviruses.

Why Hacker use Nodistribute site instead of Virustotal for Scanning Virus and Malwares - 2019

Actually, hackers can easily create a malicious payload for bad purposes, all the things I explain in my previous post. So please if you are not able to understand what I am trying to say simply read my previous post. Antivirus is very helpful for us but did you know not all the antivirus can detect viruses or malware because hacker uses their mind to make it’s more powerful which can not easily detect by antivirus or other security software.


Actually, if one antivirus fails to determine it is a malicious file then this is not true that other antivirus can also detect as clean. I mean every antivirus has a different algorithm to catch viruses,trojans, malware, etc. So it’s not possible to install more than 2 antiviruses in our system because no one can able to purchase 60 antiviruses. But thanks to some online websites which scan our files through more than 60 popular antiviruses. So the chance of your hacking is very less because one of the antiviruses can detect malicious files.

So now I’m telling you how you can use these sites for making yourself secure. And the names of these two websites are virustotal and nodistribute. Also at the end of the post I’ll tell you why hackers prefer nodistribute sites instead of virustotal sites.

What is virustotal site and how to use it?

This is a simple scanner website that can scan your files for viruses, RAT, trojan, malicious code, etc. Suppose you are using the internet for downloading some files from 3rd party websites so one thing keeps in mind always that never download any suspicious files from third-party sites because hackers simply upload his payload on these sites and you can easily hack by downloading and executing it on your system. So always use virustotal site to scan your downloaded file and check everything is fine or not. Virustotal site uses more then 60+ antivirus for scanning the file.

To know how to use it simply go to this site www.virustotal.com and upload your files there and click on the scan button. And the result will show after a few seconds.   

what is Nodistribute site and how to use it?

It is a great alternative to virustotal site but having some less features with respect to virustotal site. Nodistribute site uses almost 35 popular antiviruses. And the use of this site is very simple. First of all, go to the site www.nodistribute.com and here you’ll need to upload your files which you want to scan for virus detection. And click on submit button and after few seconds it will show the result, kindly scroll down the screen and analyze the result.

If your file is free from virus then you can freely use that tool but seriously if one of them are able to detect and give you red alert please please don’t use that tool and never install it on your pc.

Why hacker use nodistrubute instead of virustotal?

Actually, every hacker wants to hide the identity, and never do anything which are responsible to reveal his identity. Actually, suppose that if hacker creates a backdoor which is totally undetectable and he can easily hack his victim by sending that payload (backdoor) to the victim and when victim double clicks on it and install it on their pc then the work of hacker done. This is a very easy task to create a malicious backdoor for the hacker.

Now, when we upload something on virustotal then it saves your file on its server for further analysis and sends that file to all antivirus companies. And after analyzing the file antivirus company can easily detect the malicious file. Did you know? during creating of backdoor hacker use his static IP for receiving or sending packets.

So thus antivirus companies reveal the identity of the hacker. That’s why hackers did not use this virustotal site for checking his payload detected by popular antivirus or not.

And the nodistribute site never sends any data to antivirus company, as its name no distribution means you know. That’s why hackers always prefer nodistribute sites.

So now this is an overall small post for aware you and securing yourself from hackers. If you like this post please share it with your friends so they can also feel secure.

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