12 Most Common Hacking Techniques Used in 2022 | You Should Know!

Hello Guys, Today I will tell you about “12 Most Common Hacking Techniques Used in 2020” various types of hacking techniques, and out of these, I will focus more on password hacking. 

There is no fixed classification of hacking, but I will tell you all those techniques. It is not possible to tell completely about all Hacking Techniques, so I will give you all the basic knowledge.

12 Most Common Hacking Techniques 2022 | You Should Know 

So let us go through the most popular hacking techniques for you.

Denial of Service(DOS)/Distributed DoSs

With a DoS attack, hackers can down the network without having internal access. DoS attacks control access routers and put bogus traffic on them which can be e-mail or Transmission Control Protocol, TCP, packets.
Distributed Dos (DDoS) are multiple DoS attacks made from multiple sources. It is very difficult to stop or block a DDoS attack because multiple, changing, source IP addresses are used in it.


Spoofing means sending an illegitimate packet to a hacker that has an expected acknowledgment (ACK), and which the hacker can guess, predict, or obtain with the help of spoofing.


Sniffing means interception/attack on TCP packets. This interception can be done with simple eavesdropping or by another sinister.

SQL injection

SQL injection is a code injection Hacking Techniques that can control the security vulnerability of an application database layer. In this, normal SQL commands are used to access the database.

Back Doors

Hackers can gain control over any network by accessing its back doors administrative shortcuts, configuration errors, deciphered passwords, and unsecured dial-up. With the help of computerized searchers (bots), hackers can find the weakness of any network.

Viruses and Worms

Viruses and worms are self-replicating programs or code fragments that attach themselves to other programs (viruses) or machines (worms). Viruses and worms both try to shut down the network, which is done by bogus traffics.

Trojan Horses

Trojan horses, which are attached to other programs, are the biggest cause of break-ins. Whenever a user downloads or activates the Trojan horse, this software gets complete control of that user’s system and can control that computer as well. great .. !!! These are also called RATs (Remote Administration tools).

Brute Force Attack

This is the longest, and tiring task, never use it if you do not know the SET of your victim’s password. With this technique, hackers hack the password of every kind of combination. This is the best technique to hack passwords. In this, every kind of combination is tried to crack the password, but nowadays there is some difficulty in cracking a very strong password.

Dictionary attack

A dictionary attack is the easiest and fastest password cracking method. It can be easily detected by a hacker. It has a dictionary that contains some easy words that people often use as their passwords. But if you have created a bit harder password then the hacker will not be able to crack this kind of password.


This is a type of keylogging, in this method you have to bring the user to a webpage that you have created, as soon as the user types his password, you can find his password in your mailbox.

Social Engineering

This is one of the oldest tricks of hacking. In this method, you try to convince your victim that you are a legitimate person and you need their password, for the maintenance of their account. This does not work in today’s time because now all users know about the scam if you can convince users in any other way, then only use this method.

DNS Poisoning 

Phishing is a very difficult task..not it? Convincing someone to put their password on their page? What if they are redirected directly to your site without any clue ?? Niceā€¦ Pharming does this for you.

LAST WORD: If you have to learn hacking deeply, instead of using tools or software, do some hard work by yourself, and research and develop your own Hacking Techniques.
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