[WhatsApp Trick] How to know who view my Whatsap profile / dp ?

Hello guys In today’s topic, you will know who is view your Whatsaap profile / dp, There is currently no official feature in WhatsApp, so we can know this. But here I will tell about a 3rd party app that will be helpful for you. Friends, if you want to use this trick, please read this post till the last.

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view whatsapp dp@myteachworld.com

 How to know who view my Whatsap profile / dp ? Step By Step

Step1; First of all, you go to Playstore and search the Whats tracker in the search box, then you will get the application to download the first application. Download link is given below

Download Whats Tracker 

Step2; After downloading the app, open it.

Step3; Now a page will open, it will tell you about the application. If you have to read about it then you can read or else click on agree and continue.

view whatsapp dp@myteachworld.com

Note – In Enter Your Name you have to enter the name which is put on yourwhatsaap,  If you do not know the name, you can check in the settings of whatsapp.

Step4; Now you will open the page in which you have to fill the form, enter your name, select the country, enter your whatsaap number and select malel or female then press the “sign in” button, the loading will start, wait.

view whatsapp dp@myteachworld.com

Step5; You will now have three columns like Whatsapp, Contact, Visit & Visitors,

view whatsapp dp@myteachworld.com

  1. Contact- Your friends who are on WhatsApp will be there to you.
  2. Visit- The list of people who have seen your profile will appear in front of you.
  3. Visitors- Any of your friend’s profile checked will come to you.

Friends in this way you can easily see who v iew your Whitspap profile.

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