How to create backup and restore data on android phone?

Hello Friends In this post of today you will know how to back up the data of Android phone?  It is very important to keep a backup of our saved data in mobile, do not know when mobile gets spoiled or lost, at such a time There is a lot of trouble because of not having a back up. Many emergency numbers, messages, etc. are wasted. Come, let’s backup your data in Android mobile.
Nearly all Android phones have the option to make backups in advance. You can see this by going to Setting in Phone, it will have an option of Backup & Restore. Here you can make backups in Email Id or make backups in phone memory or external memory. You can also restore whenever you want.


But today I will tell you about two such methods through which you can easily make backups. And if you want you can also backup your photos and videos. Both of these method are absolutely safe.

How to Create back up and restore data of Android phone? Step by Step

Method1 :  CM Backup is an app that saves online data. There is a need for internet to make backups in it. Back up made here You can restore any mobile and anytime.

Step1; First of all you download CM Backup in your Android phone. Open after installation. Download link is given below.

Download CM Backup

Step2; After the apps open, you will see 3 options to login, you can login to create an account in one option. (Remember Login Id and Password)

Step3;  After logging in, you have to select which file to backup. Tap in Select +, then click in Confirm. Then click in the Backup button. (After which you will ask to confirm, then you ok)

Step4; After some time processing, your Android phone will be backed up. (Remember that internet is necessary to make backups in it).

How to restore your data from CM Backup

Restoring data from CM Backup is very easy.

Step1; First, log in to CM Backup with the ID you created backup.

Step2; After that click on the left side corner option. And go to My Cloud.

Step3; Here you will see all the options that you made a backup, click here at Restore. And select the file to restore it. After that click in Confirm, after some time processing will be restored. (Internet needs to be restored)

Method2 :

Step1; First download Easy Backup & Restore Apps, and open it. Download link is given below

Download Easy Backup & Restore

Step2; After opening, a new pop-up will come in which you will be asked Do You Want To Create Backup Now? You have to click on Yes.

Step3; You will be asked to tick on which file to back up. There will not be an option of App Backup. Whatever you want to back up, tick (√) marks on it and OK. (See Screenshots)

Step4; In the next window, you will be asked to save your backup file saying. This means that the location will be. Tap here on the SD card. You can also save backup files online, including Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

Step5; After selecting the location, a backup file name will be written, if you want to edit it, you can give it your name, then OK.

Step6; Now you will see a process page, when it is complete you have to tap OK.
Click on Apps Tool Tab to back up Apps. From here you can save all the apps on your phone in the APK file. If you use Rooted Android Phone, you can also back up your apps’ data and settings.

How to restore your data from Easy Backup & Restore Apps

Step1; It is also easy to restore backups in this Apps. Whenever you need to restore your backup, open the apps

Step2; now then click in Restore, then select the file you want to restore. After that Ok, it will be restored.

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