Top 7 New Features Of 2021 iPad Pro And Hardware Improvement!!!

Hello Guys, I’m gonna start with the top 5+ new features of this iPad. The 7 things I think make this stand out, some of them are things that you’ll notice immediately and other things are more of future-proofing that’ll make this a better tablet down the road compared to other iPads.
Top 7 New Features Of 2021 iPad Pro And Hardware Improvement!!!

Let’s go ahead and get started so starting out with number one-


1. Doubling the capacity of storages

It is simple but great, so last year the iPad started out at 64 gigabytes for the baseline $7.99. iPad pro this year starts at 128 gigabytes. you get double the capacity for the same price and that’s fantastic to see. 

Doubling the capacity of storages

It also means that to double it to 256 gigabytes is $50 cheaper instead of $150 upgrade is now $100 upgrade and all the upgrades up to a terabyte are now cheaper. It is wonderful to see, you can upgrade for cheaper, and for a lot of people the base 128 gigabytes is gonna be absolutely enough.

2. A 12Z Bionic Chip

The iPad is now faster it has A 12 Z processor. But as early benchmarks show that’s not a huge upgrade over the iPad from 2 years ago that had a 12 X processor. it’s means very similar but what is nice is that it has 50% more RAM more random-access memory. This will allow you to basically have more going on your iPad previously.

A 12Z Bionic Chip


The one terabyte version of the iPad Pro would give you 6 gigabytes of RAM but now every iPad pro-2020 has 6 gigabytes of RAM. So when you’re multitasking and going between different applications and you want to go back to that app, that was open an hour ago. Theoretically tell me about 50% better more responsive apps that have been remained open.

you can be able to do more without the iPad bogging down. This is something that you probably won’t notice just from browsing the web and very simple things like that but you’re bouncing around between apps are you doing something like editing photos or videos or just anything more the extra RAM will be a great feature to have. 

Down the road, more RAM will mean a more reliable tablet while the processor might not be a huge jump over the 2018 iPad having that extra RAM will be helpful.

3. Studio mics

There are new studio microphones on this iPad. so we just saw this with the 16-inch MacBook pro apple through and speakers that honestly sound very impressive. if you’re in a quiet environment, it sounds like you’re using a budget microphone like a dedicated microphone but it’s built right into the computer and this iPad which is far quieter than a MacBook is it’s silent it’s going to be amazing if you need to record audio in a pinch.

if you’re recording the voice over if you forget your microphone or if you’re just doing FaceTime audio or FaceTime or zoom anything like that using the microphone on your iPad is going to sound great or a voice memo for a class or anything like that to give you really solid audio.

4. Wide Angle

With number 4 which is the new wide-angle camera and video recording settings. you’re going to have actually a really impressive media creation machine instead of just a media consumption machine. while maybe a little bit awkward to use your iPad as a camera, it makes for an amazing viewfinder you have this huge full screen of a viewfinder.

Wide Angle
when you’re recording something it’s really easy to keep your shot and it may be a little awkward to you this and maybe hard to actually get a wide shot serially to get far behind with such a large device but the good thing is that the new wide-angle camera means that you don’t have to be as far behind be you get new angles. 
you get new video recording settings so a new wide-angle camera will give you more diversified shots just like the iPhone 11 has.

Again if you’re just doing FaceTime video that’s one thing but if you want to actually get some good video, use this as me a secondary camera on a shoot that you’re doing anything like that the iPad is going to be not only just a great consumption machine but a decent production machine. you’re gonna be able to get decent footage and pretty great audio.

5. Wi-fi 6

Next is Wi-Fi six. This doesn’t give me a huge difference today but this is getting into the future-proofing aspect of this iPad with Wi-Fi 6. it is going to allow for much faster maximum Wi-Fi speeds but maximum Wi-Fi speeds don’t really affect what you’re actually getting. 

Wi-fi 6

what Wi-Fi six will allow you to do and if you have a Wi-Fi 6 router what it’s going to allow in the future is much better management of all the dozens and dozens of devices that you have in your household from smart lights to your garage door to all the tablets and devices.

Everything that’s connected to the internet Wi-Fi six devices are going to be great for better communication, faster speeds, and just much more reliable connections.

6. Ultra-Wideband(UWP)

I pad has apples u1 ultra-wideband location technology as the same as the iPhone 11. Now Apple hasn’t made a big deal about this because it’s likely to be a big deal come to WWDC where Apple is going to announce their new title like tracker probably called Apple tag. This will allow you to put a little tracker on your different devices just like a tile.


you can find its location from your device.So the iPad now has that you one chip which is gonna be really important and really great for tracking devices that you lose around the house or in the car or whatever. The iPad has that functionality that the previous iPad does not. It’s the same as the iPhone 11.

7. Lidar sensor

Last but not least or maybe least is the new lidar sensor. You’ll notice that extra little circle on the camera module on the back and lidar is just laser technology essentially, that’s really going to help with augmented reality. Apple doesn’t make their own augmented reality stuff yet. They don’t have a headset or anything like that but it’s likely to come at some point.

Lidar sensor

Augmented reality is absolutely going to be a part of the future and this iPad will better be able to support it. It’ll be faster more accurate and reliable. you can already use it with some IKEA stuff or Amazon stuff and you’re like putting furniture or wallpaper or a poster like on your wall.

you can use that kind of augmented reality or apples measure app we can measure things around your house with your iPad using AR. This iPad we’ll have that future-proof technology built-in and that’s a reason to have this is just that is going to be a part of the future and this will do it better than the 2018 iPad pro you will have.

Over To You Let me know if any of those features are convincing for you or what other articles you want to read about the new iPad, thanks for reading. Please share it with your friends too and help me out.

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