Best Music App For iphone Offline in – 2022

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time.

Recently Grammy judges inaugurated Song Of The Year – and it’s become one of the most sought-after prizes. You can easily get all trending songs no matter where you are.

Best Music App For iphone Offline In 2021
Best Music App For iphone Offline In 2021 

The list of best iPhone music player app which I’m going to provide is giving you the freedom to download or listen to the paid song without paying. Most people don’t buy individual songs or albums anymore.

So let’s check it out one by one free offline music apps for iPhone.


Best Music App For iphone Offline In 2021 


1. 8tracks radio

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. I found 8tracks radio and I like it better because of the different features. 

Here’s our selection of the must-have apps to install on your Apple iPhone,8tracks tops the list because of its simple user interface and its offline mode working. The application runs in the background.

Here In this app, it is easy to create your own shortcuts. It is one of the best free music equalizer apps for your 6s/7/8 whatever.

Something needs to be updated:

  • Limit the ads (Only in the free version of the app)
  • Trending section unavailable
  • Lacks the function to make your own playlist

Paid version:

Yes available at the very minimum cost.

$4.99 per month
$39.99 per year


2. Amazon Music App

Changing the way you find and play the music you love. You will get unlimited access to millions of music in this app, it has a separate feature for more playlists and stations and the newest releases, along with exclusive songs and albums. These all the feature comes with a 30-day free trial. No doubt it is the best free music instrument app also.


1. Easily transfer music from Amazon to iPhone

2. Amazon has free music

3. All your offline music will be re-downloaded in one go when you select the Download option.

4. Amazon music access your iTunes library

5. if you play it once it is downloaded forever.


1. Sometimes it displaying an error or exception number message. (But Easy to fix)

2. Sometimes Playback error showing (But easy to fix)

3. Limited music library it has.

4. Can’t upload their own music files.

5. You Can’t create a station.

Paid version (Available):

$9.99/month service
$7.99/month for Prime members.


3. Apple Music App

Apple Music gives you unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire Apple Music library. it is the best offline music app for iPhone. You can Play music without facing any bad interruption, online or off. It is owned and developed by Apple Inc.

Apple Music Now Bundled Free With Some Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans launched in 2015, has offered an alternative to Spotify. It comes with a free three-month trial. The songs/albums can stream to your iPhone/iPad over an Internet connection, or you can download them to play directly from your device.


1. listen to songs from a computer using a web browser without having to fire up iTunes.

2. No free tier but a generous 90-day free trial of all features.

3. More than 50 million songs as well as music videos of your choice.

4. Offline listening is available

5. Very user-friendly.


1. After 3 month of trials, you need to purchase it

2. Music is DRM. You can’t keep it after you cancel a subscription.

3. Interface is confusing for newbie only(After 5-6 days you will familiar with this)


4. Best Free Google Music App For iPhone

 It is a streaming music service by google named Google Play Music, comes with free to use, you don’t need any subscription for using it. The only catch is that you’ll have to listen to ads, similar to the way free versions of Spotify Pandora, etc.

In this app, you’ll get an option to download songs and albums from Google Play Music for offline listening use. The Google Play iOS app is currently available now for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch versions


1. You can use AirPlay Mirroring with Google Play.

2. Music is present at the said location in the form of mp3 files.

3. Google will give you permission to upload up to 50,000 tracks for free of cost

4. If you purchased a subscription to Google Play Music, you will also get access to use YouTube Red.

5. Supported file formats for upload include: MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, Ogg, or ALAC.

6. Thumbs-up for automatic playlist generation feature.

7. You can Store and stream about 50,000 songs from your personal collection without paying anything.


1. No options to display lyrics

2. Does not have artist bios

3.common issue is when you’ve changed your account password but haven’t updated it in the Google Play Music app.

4.sometimes google play music not showing all songs. play music not uploading all songs

6 Free service is ad-supported.

7. You will not have access to all 40 million songs on the service in free service provided by Google.

Paid version (Available):

1. Sign up for $9.99 per month.
2. Offer $14.99 per month for up to five family members.


5. Pandora Radio

You can create up to 100 radio stations based on your favorite artists, songs, and albums. it is a good music app for iPhone and not a free app but Basic radio streaming through Pandora is completely free for everyone. 

Pandora Premium’s “Add Similar Songs” feature appears to be a slightly better version of Spotify. Pandora is the best music player app among many of its competitors.

How to Install Pandora Onto Your iPhone

STEP:1 Go to “App Store”

STEP:2 Tap on “Search”

STEP:3 Type “Pandora”

STEP:4 Tap on “Pandora Radio” in the results list.

STEP:5 Tap “Free” and tap “Install” to install the app to your iPhone

You can also use it in your car, Getting started in the car follow below given steps-

STEP:1 Download the Pandora app on your ios Device.

STEP:2 Connect your smartphone to the vehicle’s audio system with the help of Bluetooth or USB cable

STEP:3 Open the Pandora app on your phone.

STEP:4 Select the Pandora icon from your screen, that’s it

Pros :

1. You can listen to Pandora without internet connectivity.

2. 40-hour limit on free listening was re-introduced.

3. Personalized listening based on song, artist, or genre.

4. Easy interface which is helpful to find new music and podcasts.

5. Music library contains more than 30 million songs.

Don’t Like

1. Free version is ad-supported and you will need to have a Subscription for removing ads and for more skips.

2. There is No live content.
Paid version (Available)

Pandora Premium is –

$9.99 USD/month

$109.89 USD/year (plus tax where applicable).

Premium Family is $14.99 USD monthly or $164.89 annually.


LAST WORD: So this is top 5 best music app for your ios device, I am not going to confuse you by providing an exhausting list of many apps which are available on the store. Now it’s your turn to choose what is the best music app for iPhone. Your idea and your query are most welcomed in this blog.

This is enough for now. we will meet very soon with a new and very interesting article post like this. We hope you all are very well and enjoy this post.

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