[Make Money] How to earn money on Facebook?

Hello guys , in this post , today’s i am going to show you “How to earn money from facebook ?’ You must have heard about Facebook, Facebook is a platform where people from around the world talk. With Facebook we keep connected to our friends. Today, people use Facebook from small children to big people. But do you know how money can be earned from Facebook? If you also earn money from Facebook, read this post till the last.

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To make money on Facebook, you have a Facebook page or group that has a lot of members, so let’s see if there are ways to make money from Facebook.

Facebook Page Sell 

You have seen that there are many pages on Facebook, some of which are meant to pass the time and some have to do promotion. Many times it happens that some companies buy Facebook page for their promotion , So that they can make their promotions to more people. If you also have a Facebook page, you can earn money by batch it, but there should be lots of members on Facebook page and your Facebook page should be active.

Affiliate Merketing

For online marketing, affiliate marketing is a great option for you. The affiliate marketing product that sells your product, is using a referral (affiliate) link. Some companies have been unable to join the affiliate program. Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Bluehost, godaddy etc for your work. What is the reason Visit the facebook page to find out more about your site.

Shorter URL promotion 

Short url is a great option for making money. In it, you only need to share a link to any site and share it with your friend on Facebook or Whatsapp. Then anyone will open them, then they will be your income, but you have to work but you have to work more. But if you only share the link, then there is no one clicking on it, so write something with the link. People are forced to open that link.


If your facebook is very popular, over 50,000 leaks ,So you can pay for putting ads any company or person on your facebook page.

PPD Network

PPD means pay per download, in which we have to share such download links from which we get their money if someone downloads them. There is a lot of sites on the internet which gives us money according to PPD.

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