Latest Spam Attack 2019 | How to Spam Attack on Computer or Mobile ?

It is an easy way to spam attack on any computer or mobile by following which you can crash any mobile or computer from the computer. If you also have to spam attack anyone on Computer or Mobile, then read this post to the last.

Today I am going to tell you that you can hang anybody’s computer or mobile by following it. Because this attack begins to hang on the victim software, so that software crashes.

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How to Spam Attack on Computer or Mobile? Step by Step follow me

STEP1: To attack the computer or mobile click on the button below to download the software “profound Spammer”, which is a portable format, you do not need to install it in a computer. Just download it and open. it will open automatically.

Download Now

STEP2: Interface of software is easy, where you have to type a message in the right side box and click on the button with the Speed Control from the left side. You can see in the image below.

Spam Attack, Latest Attack 2019, Spam attack on mobile, spamming, Profound Spammer

  • Start Spam Fast
  • Start Spam medium
  • Start Spam Slow

Click on the Start Spam Slow button, which is enough to hang someone’s Mobile or Computer.


How does profound Spammer software work-

Suppose you have opened this software on the computer and clicked on the “Start Spam Slow” button by doing a type message. Then after the text box that you click on First click, send your message back to back millions of times and if this first click is done on someone’s Whatsapp chat box, So this millions of messages will go to the mobile and those messages will not be able to handle the software of the mobile will hang.

So this is a simple way that you can do any social media crash like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or More. If you have to spam attack someone on Facebook, open a photo of him and send Spam on the comment box. Which will millions of comments on its Facebook profile, If that user is online from Facebook in the mobile, Sure, his mobile hang will start because every comment in Mobile will get Notification which will not be able to handle his mobile and will finally be hang.

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