Google+ Shutting Down | Why Google+ Died | Things You Should Know

Google has announced the closure of the social network google + on its official blog. Google + for the consumer has ended.
In this post, we will know why the closed google + is due to turn off? A Spokesman from Google said that there were so many challenges in creating and managing “Google +”. It was designed by the Accordion of Customer Expectations, but it was used less. This is the main reason for having a Google + shutdown.

Google+ Shutting Down, Why Google+ Died

There are many more reasons for getting Google + closer, about whom we will talk about.


Why Google+ Died

Google has made an announcement to offset the Google + service on its official blog. If you want to know why google + is closed, then this is the reason.

Confusing Circles

Many people find Google + Circle Confusing. Its features are very complex and there is a problem in connecting with friends and family members. The user does not know in his own circle how many members are there in his circle?

Boring Design

Google + is a social media site, but it does not look like its design. This is very boring, which is not for the user. He also has a boring feel after some time. There was no interest in Facebook and Twitter. Many users leave it to Google’s design. user is boring due to the old design.
Also, its features are such that newbie does not understand.

Fail to Compete with Facebook

Google created Google + to compete with social media Facebook, but Google + could not be sucessed.
When Google + was launched it did not have any clear plan. There was no big mission to fight with Facebook. Google Employees felt that they could compete with the social networking site that is popular with the last year.

Bad Mobile Experience

Where Facebook and Twitter offer the Clear and Net Mobile Browsing Experience, the same mobile version of Google+ was very different. Google+ did not have the interface to compete with Facebook, Twitter, and very few users took interest in it.

Failed to Offer Something New

Facebook and Twitter are time to time offering some new offers to their visitors. Design, offers, features, new features, security, bugs etc. Update keeps coming.
This increases the user’s Believe and he likes the site more, but it was not so with Google+. No updates, no features change, hard features, and no change in them for a long time.

Failed to Install an Established Network

Facebook is at the top of social media if Google had to launch a Google + by understanding its strategy but Google failed it. To compete with Facebook, it was necessary to create an established network that Google could not do and consequently Google + failed.

Not to Many Users

Google+ is lagging behind Facebook and Twitter. Very few people use it. In the beginning, the user used to show interest in it, but no longer.
Google had told in its official blog post that there is a bug in Google+, due to which data is being leaked to hers, which is why Google is shutting it down.

At last, Google+ turn off is due to the mistake Google has made.
If Google works as a brand like Facebook, Twitter, then you were ahead of them but Google could not do it and now it failed.

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