how to transfer contacts from iphone to android | sync icloud to android

Hey guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post. so in this post looking at “how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android” You can use the same method to transfer over a thousand contacts. this method is going to be free and it’s gonna be very fast.

how to transfer contacts from iphone to android | sync icloud to android

All the requirements for this method are your smartphones and a computer whether that’s a PC or a Mac just to use your browser alright. so, let’s get started. 


how to transfer contacts from iphone to android 

Now, here are some steps that you can easily “transfer contacts from iPhone to android”

STEP1; First of all you go to the settings on your iPhone device, then scroll down, and go to your passwords and accounts then tap on iCloud, and make sure that your contacts are currently syncing to your iCloud account for the iPhone.

STEP2; Now, let’s move on over to my computer, so once you get to your computer launch any web browser that you go to it’s gonna take you to the login screen just log in.

STEP3; Now, After you log in, you’re gonna see dashboard right over here. so when you see this dashboard just click on contacts, and that’s gonna take you in to your iCloud contacts that are in sync with your iPhone.

STEP4; Now here’s the contact, and if you are on a PC all you wanna do is press ctrl-a and that’s going to select all your contacts. it’s also going to show that there have been selected.

STEP5; Now, go to setting button at the bottom, and just click on it.

STEP6; Then choose export vCard, so when you click on that it is going to download all your contacts to your computer. Then you go into your download folder, and now you’ll see all the contacts right here.

STEP7; it’s gonna say the name of the first contact, and however many other contacts that you have so once you have contact file. Now go back to your web browser, and simply go to ok then click enter.

STEP8; Now, it’s gonna ask you to log in, as you can see mine logged in automatically, and if you look over here says no contacts yet so my Google contacts on my Google account is completely clear.

STEP9; Now you click on import contacts button. if you click on it it’s gonna say to import contacts select a CSV or a vCard, and that’s what we have we have a vCard file.

STEP10; Now you click on select file go into your downloads folder, and choose the file that we just downloaded the one that we exported from the iCloud.

STEP11; Now, we are going to import them into your Google, so just click open, and click import. you’re gonna see all your contacts transferred over from the iCloud to our Google account.

STEP12; Now, the next step is let’s go back to the Android smartphone, then go to the settings, and go to the accounts and backup.

STEP13; Now, go to the accounts, and find the Gmail account or the Google account that you use to make the import from iCloud to Google.

STEP14; Now, you tap on google account, and then tap on sync accounts. as you can see all you have to do is enable the contacts syncing.

STEP15; it’s just gonna take a couple of seconds as you just saw and the contacts are now on your android phone.

Now, so let’s go back to the actual or dialer showed up right over here. So this the steps by which we can easily transfer contacts from iPhone to android.
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