How To Download FMWhatsApp APK (Official) Latest Version 8.26 (2020)

Hey Guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post.  So in this post, I am coming with very interesting which is “How To Download FMWhatsApp APK (Official) Latest Version 8.26 (2020)”

How To Download FMWhatsApp APK (Official) Latest Version 8.26 (2020)

FM WhatsApp “Maybe after Whatsapp GB, you may have heard this name before, but believe the features of this application is more useful than the features of Whatsapp GB.
And today we are going to try to give information in detail, that is why once you read this article completely, if once you use FM WhatsApp, then it is guaranteed that you will forget the real WhatsApp.

How To Download FMWhatsApp APK (Official) Latest Version 8.26 (2020)

As I know that Whatsapp is a very popular messaging application that everyone knows because with the help of this application we can do fast messaging from any place to any WhatsApp consumer’s contact number.


Apart from this, we can also send files like Photos, Videos, Document from one place to another through WhatsApp and WhatsApp is very popular among people due to this feature.
It has become a matter of Whatsapp that perhaps everyone knows, but WhatsApp has to have some features that the consumer needs, but still we do not get to see those features in WhatsApp.

One good thing about Whatsapp is that they always update their application and tries to remove all the bugs that are in Whatsapp, but we have not seen any more changes in all the updates that have come from WhatsApp. That is why we have to use WhatsApp with the same old features.

But FMWhatsApp is an application that is completely a clone of whatsapp that the developer has designed for himself and the consumer, there is no need to be afraid of your privacy while using this application.

Because this is real Whatsapp only! And in this you also get WhatsApp and OTP but the developer has tried to improve Whatsapp even more by making some changes in it, which we will try to know in detail below.

What is FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is a Modify Android Application made by fouad mods developers, in which the consumer gets the benefit of Whatsapp Customization, Privacy, App Lock, Changing Style, conversation lock and more. Due to which consumers can use their regular WhatsApp in a better way.

FMWhatsApp Features

Of course, you will be keen to know what such features are available in FMWhatsApp due to which it has been downloaded more than 5 million times.
Actually, if FMWhatsApp is not selected, then a lot of facilities are available which are not available in Normal Whatsapp and we cannot even tell about all those facilities.

Check it yourself, but the facility we are going to tell you today has become very popular and due to this facility, consumers are using FMWhatsApp like Media Sharing, Customization, Regular update, Emoji Variant, Freeze Last Seen, Others 

Media Sharing: If you are doing FMWhatsApp apk download 2020, then you will see a tremendous features of Media Sharing. In which you can send more than 30 images / photos to any WhatsApp contact at the same time.

And when we talk about real WhatsApp, we are given a limit of 30 images. But there is no such limit in FM WhatsApp, here you can send any data of up to 700MB such as images, videos, documents, etc.

Customization: If you are bored with the regular them of Whatsapp, then you will see a great option in FMWhatsApp where the theme stores of FMWhatsApp and YO WhatsApp are available, from there you can download your favorite theme and make your Boring Whatsapp Attractive.
And the best thing about this store is that you will get to see this new free theme daily which you can use for your WhatsApp.

Regular update: If you want to download Android latest FMWhatsApp, then you can update your FM WhatsApp, the option of which is available in this application. Apart from this, you can download the latest update of this application and install it in mobile by going to the fm whatsapp apk download page.

They always try to clear all the bugs and problems in the latest FM WhatsApp Update and the consumer gets a good experience while using this app.

Emoji Variant: This option changes your keyboard’s emoji as we know WhatsApp’s emoji has its own style. In the same way, emoji is used on different styles on different platforms like Facebook, Emoji one V3, Android 0, and Old emoji. If you are bored with Whatsapp’s emoji, then you can use emoji from Facebook or Emoji one V3.

Freeze Last Seen: According to me, the most useful features of FMWhatsApp is Freeze Last Seen where you can keep your Last Seen by freeze at one time.

Other Features: You can direct send up to 6MB of Full Resolution images.
By using anti-delete messages, the person sending the message to you is seen and deleted.
By using Hide View Status, you can secretly see the status of anyone where they will not see your Seen.

After enabling Hide Blue ticks, the person in front of you sent the message to WhatsApp and still, they will not see Blue ticks in the same way, if you send them a message, then the message seen by them is blue ticks. Let’s know

With the help of privacy & app lock, you can lock Fmwhatsapp without any protected application. Also if you want to lock a particular contact number, you can do it anyway
Similarly, there are more features available in FMWhatsApp, which you can install and find on your mobile.

How To Download FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 8.26 (2020)

If you want to download Fm Whatsapp’s latest version 8.26, you can easily download Fmwhatsapp on your mobile by clicking on the button below.


How To Install FM WhatsApp Apk Latest Version

The process of installing FMWhatsApp is very easy which you can install in any mobile without technical knowledge.
The installation process will be similar to the official website. Where you have to give your contact number initially, after which an OTP will come on that number after which your number will be verified and FM WhatsApp will be installed on your mobile.

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