How To Transfer Contact From iphone To Gmail?

HEY, what’s up, welcome to upload MyTeachWorld and into this post looking at “How to export contacts from iPhone to Gmail” In this post, we will see two methods by which you can move the contact which is present in your iPhone to the Gmail account. 

Now the first way is to create an Apple ID with a Gmail account and then use it on your iPhone so that you can transfer the contact from the iPhone to Gmail.
How To Transfer Contact From iphone To Gmail

So suppose that you have created an Apple ID with a Gmail account then what you do is you will go to settings here.


How To Transfer Contact From Iphone To Gmail?

Here are some methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to Gmail, step by step follow me-

Method 1

 You will go to sign in to your iPhone, and Then you will use the Apple ID here which you have created with the Gmail account. Then next I need to enter the password for the Gmail account or for the Apple ID.


STEP:2 So since I have activated two-factor authentication for my Apple ID, so I need to receive a text code in order to sign in to the Apple ID. So right now I am signing in to my Apple ID.


STEP:3 So what happens is now, I will sign into the iCloud account. I will sign into the App Store for all the all services I will sign in with the same Apple ID.


STEP:4 I will enter the passcode for my iPhone Merge. So once I have signed into my iPhone then, what I will do is I will go to this iCloud option here, and I will make sure that this contact button.

STEP:5 Now, it is enabled, if it is disabled you need to enable the contact button. 

So once you enable the contact button what happens is whatever the contact are present in this iPhone, it will be synced and saved to the Gmail account which I have used to login to my iPhone.
Now, this is the first way.


Method 2

 First of all, you have to export the contact from iPhone to the Gmail account is to manually download the contact from the iCloud and then export it to the Gmail account.


 So generally what happens is whatever the contact which, you have saved in your iPhone. it will be synced to the iCloud account if you have used the Gmail account in your iPhone as an Apple ID.


STEP:3 So what we will do is we will go to I need to enter the Apple ID. Now remember that this Apple ID should be a Gmail ID and this should you and this Gmail id you should have used in your iPhone so that the contact of the iPhone is synced to the iCloud.


Now enter the password for your Apple ID. Next. So once I have logged in to the iCloud I will go to contact here. Then there is all the contact which are saved in my iCloud. 

So, if I have to transfer this contact to these email account I will press command and A in the Mac to select all the contact or else you’ll select control and A in Windows to select all the contact.


STEP:5 Then click on this gear icon here. Select Export vCard. Now, this is the contact that is downloaded to my computer, so once it is downloaded I can log out of this iCloud.


STEP:6 Then I will go to this website contacts. Then I will open this Gmail account where I want to transfer the contact. I will open the Gmail account. 

Now I have already some of the contacts which are saved in this Gmail account.


STEP:7 So if I need to import the contact then I will go to import here. Select File. Go to download here and this is the contact which I had downloaded from the iCloud.

STEP:8 So I will select it open and if I click on this import button now all the contact will be saved to my Gmail account.

LAST WORD: So these are the two methods by which we can export the contact from iPhone to Gmail. thanks for reading, you can ask any question and leave any comments down in the comment section below this post.
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