5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch – 2022

Today we’re gonna go ahead and check out the best fitness-related apps for the Apple watch. Let’s get started.

5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch - 2021


5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch – 2022

1. HeartWatch heart and activities

Now, this first one I want to go ahead and show you is a new one that’s on my list and that is called “heart watch” heart and activities.

Now the reason why I like having complications like this where I could monitor my heart rate is not just for my health but also for what I’m actually doing a workout. I could actually make sure that my heart rate was still up.

5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch - 2021

So in case, I get stuck in a conversation, I could keep an eye on that this way I don’t have to warm up again for my workout and I could just go to my next set.

2. Cardiogram

cardiogram was what I used to use for this but it doesn’t work very well for a watch all at 6. So I replace it with this and I haven’t had any issues ever since but this application doesn’t simply just do those basic things. it’s actually kind of cool if you use the digital crown and rotate.

5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch - 2021

if you go to pulse like there are different categories. you can go to pulse regularly and on the workout, remember I was talking about the warm-up you got you actually have like a workout meter.

right here you could constantly look at however there is a one-time purchase of $3.00 but I think it’s worth it because the layouts are really clean and the counselor is more than just one feature.

3. Pacer step tracking

I actually use this a lot. I like using this primarily as a watch face complication because it shows me my daily steps right there and resets every time it hits 12 but what’s its application.

you don’t have to go to the Activity app and scroll down to actually see these numbers since it’s right here, you go is just view it here.

And list its application you’ve actually set your daily goals as well. so right now it just says 10,000 but if you go to the main application you could change that up and if we go back here it actually gives you a little meaner a progression bar. 

5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch - 2021

You can actually keep track easier but that’s basically everything. there is to know about this application and it’s free to download.

4. Step dog

It has a dog. this app is called step dog title can be questioning after saying it out loud but it’s the same exact concept as the previous app, where it just keeps track of your steps. 

if you’re using this watch pace with that support sheets larger size complications. you see here we have a dog our husky and we also have the number of steps that we’ve taken, if you tap on that it will also show you the progress bar as well as the dog as well.
5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch - 2021

Then on the phone application, you could actually change it to another animal. if you wanted to change it to a different breed of dog you can cat even a koala you could change it to those animals. you just have to pay a dollar for the pro version but that’s it. so all animal lovers I’m sure will love this app.

5. Gymatic

It’s the next app that I want to show you guys. it’s free to download but I don’t use this app to follow their workout plans they actually have a freestyle section. 

let me show you when you launch the app you have destroyed all these different categories but the category that’s the most interesting one is the freeform one.
5+ awesome workout app for Your apple watch - 2021

when you select this one this will actually automatically keep track of your reps but you see it also keep track of your BPM Right here

6. Tomato fat

The final one on our list is tomato fat by Apple the activity app is really amazing. I like this one because every month they always change things up. there’s always a new award a new middle to unlock and not only that is here.

You can find all the other stats they get done throughout the day like your steps how many stairs fleet of stairs you climbed and all that good stuff there as well as the distance you traveled throughout the day.
if you need that extra motivation if the minerals aren’t enough for you, you can always challenge your friends who also own Apple watches. 
so, you can have them there and you can compete against each other on winning more medals or completing the rinks faster than the workout application in general by Apple.

I like using this application because if you have a series 4 or series 5 it automatically will detect whatever workout based on the movement that you’re doing.

Last Word: if you want to add on the list feel free to comment that down below and I’ll go ahead and try and include them on the next post for the top ten Fitness related apps anyway folks thank you so much for reading, take care and now catch you all the next one see.

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