How to Hack Android Smart Phone using Droid Jack in 2020 | DroidJack RAT

Hello, Dear Friends you are welcome here. our today topic is ” How to Hack Android Smart Phone using DroidJack?” DroidJack is the best RAT for Android Smart Phone. The whole process is GUI based. You can easily used this app, beacause Linux is not used to work, and you should not more coding. this trick work on both Rooted and NonRooted Android device.

Hack Android Phone using Droid Jack

What is Droid Jack?

Droid Jack is Android RAT which gives you the power to establish control over your victim’s Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them. Droid jack is a client server application Developed in JAVA . Droid Jack is one of the best RATs for android. It requires little setup and  many feature which include :
  • File Manager
  • SMS Tracker
  • Call Manager
  • Contacts 
  • Browser
  • GPS Locator
  • Message 
  • App Manager
  • Detailed Info

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Warning: This article use for education purpose only, You should not be used any illegal activities.


  • Computer (Installed Windows , JAVA, NET Framework on your PC)
  • Best Internet Connection
  • Droid Jack Download

This article devided by three part. So, Lets start now.

Part1: Port Forwarding

First of all , you need a host , and signup NO-IP 

Step1: I know you easily registered  on No-Ip website.

Step2: Now, a dashboard window will be open , and then click on Add a Host.

Step3: You will see the window of Host name information. and choose your Host name.

Step4: Now a popup window will be open , and sinply click on Download Client, again click on Download Button.
Client will be successfully downloaded on your computer.

Step5:  Login to you Router with username and password by giving your Internet service provider. Now, open the Run (window+r) and then type command “cmd” .

Step6: Now, a cmd window will be open , and then type command “ipconfig” .

Step7: Now, note the ipv4 you will see on the cmd window.

Step8: Login to your router then forwarding : >virtual server> Add a Virtual Server.
But different router shown as many option,and you use Google find the best guide.

Part2: How to Hack Android Phone using DroidJack

Step1: Dear friends , I know you will downloaded Droid Jack . Now open DroidJack.jar and then create new.apk file,you will see a pop up window and then click on Generate APK tab.

Step2: Now then edit field, i am using here.
App name: Hacked
File name: Hacked
Dynamic DNS: ( Friends if you use Lan network to type Local Ip address . and if you use public network to type No-Ip address)
Port Number: 1337
Bind with another apk: Leaving Blank. if you can bind this APK with another APK like ,facebook , twitter etc android packages. but i am not using this feature.
Stealth mode: click it. if you can hide this app from android launcher.
Use Custom Icon: Leaving blank. 

Step4: Now ,  simply click on Generate button, and then you will see a pop up window APK file generated successfully. 
you tells Short stories the victim , and send it to android phone.

Step5: you will see a popup window , and click on “Devices” tab. 

Step6: Devices Tab well open , Enter your port 1397 and now click turn on reception.

Step7: When open the app in Victim android phone , as soon as you can see the connected device in Droid Jack Window.

Step8: Now , you have fully access over victim device . you easily grab sms , calls, file manager , location and much more.
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