How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint in India | Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

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Nowadays everyone knows about the internet, but most people are not aware about cybercrime. So today we will tell you how and where to complain about cybercrime in India and it is also very important for everyone to know.

How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint in India | Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Internet usage is increasing day by day, in the coming time, everything is going to be online. As the use of the Internet is increasing, in the same way, crime is also increasing rapidly in the world of the Internet and computers, which is known as Cybercrime. 

A very stringent law has been made in India regarding cybercrime, like every crime, a criminal is punished for committing cybercrime. Due to a lack of information, people do not know how and where to complain about Cyber Crime?


Children and girls are more victims of cybercrime

Every Internet user can be a victim of Cybercrime, but cybercrime against children and girls has been increasing rapidly in India for some years. For example, social media messaging girls, online dating and online pornogr@phy.

On the other hand, children who commit Cybercrime also become victims. Children are engaged in mobile all day, so it is very important to tell them about cybercrime. So that he should always be careful while using the mobile.

Some of these are cyber crimes against girls

  • Cyber Spying: It is a punishable offense to secretly record a video in a girl’s changing room, bathroom, hotel room, and bedroom and then blackmail her.
  • Cyber Stalking: Sending friendship request to someone on social media such as Facebook, making dirty messages and threatening threats.
  • Cyber Pornogr@phy: Recording private photos and videos of girls, posting them on the Internet or blackmailing them by punching them with photos of girls.
  • Cyber Bullying: In such cases, the criminals first make friends with the girls, and persuade them to have a relationship, then later pornographic their photos and blackmail them.
  • Images without clothes: Many times boys or girls keep their own priv@te videos or b0ld pictures on mobile in the excitement, hackers hack their mobile or computer and steal photos, and then upload them on the Internet. Many such cases have come up.
  • Video Snapchat: Nowadays, Snapchat’s craze is more among boys and girls studying in school and college, and they send their bold photos on it to each other, sometimes their photo gets in the wrong hands.

India lacks awareness of cybercrime

The biggest reason for increasing cyber crime in India is the lack of awareness about cybercrime among people in India. According to a report, about one-third of the women who use the internet are victims of some kind of cybercrime.

But only 35% of women reported cybercrime against them. At the same time, about 46.7 percent of the women victims of cybercrime did not make any complaint. 18.3 percent of the women did not even know that they were falling victim to cybercrime.

How and where to complain about cybercrime in India?

Keeping in mind the increasing cybercrime in India, almost every state police has started an online website. After that, you can sit in your house and file a cyber crime complaint. After registering a complaint of Cyber Crime on the online website, you will also be able to know its status.

To tackle cybercrime, now a cybercrime cell has been set up in every district. You can easily file a complaint there. By the way, Cyber Crime should complain in Cyber Cell itself, but if there is no Cyber Cell where there is cybercrime, then you can file FIR (First Information Report) of Cyber Crime in your local police station as well. Even in UP, women can file a complaint on 1090 or any other dial 112.

Documents required to file a cyber crime complaint

To register a Cybercrime complaint, you must have some documents which are given below.

Social Media related complaint:

  1.  Screenshot and photocopy URL link of the alleged person’s Facebook and WhatsApp profile is required.

Email related Complaint

  1. A written complaint explaining the entire incident.
  2. Hard and Soft copy of the email sent by the alleged person.
  3. Email ID of alleged person

Mobile Apps related complaint: 

  1. A screenshot of the alleged App and information from where it was downloaded.
  2. If there is any money transaction from you, then a copy of the bank statement after the incident.

Complaint related to Internet Banking / Lottery Scam / Fake Call:

  1. Statement of related bank account.
  2. If money has been withdrawn or transferred from your account and the message of this transaction is in your mobile then a copy of it

Ransomware / Malware Complaint:

  1. Through which you are being asked for money or being blackmailed, such as email id and phone number.
  2. Photocopy and screenshots of the ransomware/malware virus sent to you via email.

On which website should you report cybercrime?

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has launched this website to make cybercrime complaints online. You can register a complaint online by visiting this website, let us know that after registering the complaint, the matter will be sent to the State Police for investigation from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

What kind of complaint can you make?

Union Home Ministry Complaints of incidents like cybercrime, cheating, child pornography, and rape can be registered on this website. Please tell that on this portal women can also make anonymous complaints about cybercrime happening with them.

How to complain on Cyber Crime Reporting Portal?

STEP1; First of all visit this website

STEP2; After opening the website, click on Report anonymously, then select crime.

STEP3; Now, write the name of the person against whom you want to complain.

STEP4; Now, write the complete information of the whole incident in 1500 words, and then set the time.

STEP5; Now, you select the state, district, police station, etc and later select the source of information.

STEP6; Then put the relevant URL in it, and then put additional information about the incident in 1500 words.

STEP7; Now enter the security code, and then check all the above information, if correct then click submit.

After registering the complaint, the case from the Ministry of Home Affairs will be sent to the State Police for investigation.

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