2 Ways to Unblock Action Blocked Message on Instagram | Instagram Action Blocked

Hey guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post. so in this post. I will be talking about the top 2 tricks that, can work for you to unblock your Instagram accounts. if your actions are lock, so well what are we waiting for let’s get started.

2 Ways to Unblock Action Blocked Message on Instagram | Instagram Action Blocked

So, if you are on Instagram all the time you might have seen a proper notification by liking the photo or posting a girlfriend that, your actions are plopping well, if you are facing such issues on your Instagram account. 

So, before we get started let me just highlight what could be the reason, that you got blocked on Instagram in the first place well. if you have one of those who use a third-party app to gain followers or just use a third body app like GB insta to browse your feed, your actions can get blocked.

What’s more, is aggressively liking many photos back-to-back or following and, unfollowing people on Instagram can also trigger this action. so yes once you manage to fake things up after this post makes sure not to do these again.


2 Ways to Unblock Action Blocked Message on Instagram

Now, here are some ways that you can easily “Unblock Action Blocked Message on Instagram


Now let’s talk about the different ways to fix the issue. The first step is pretty simple which is to switch to mobile data there’s a possibility that just your IP address is blocked and, account per se as such switching to a different network might just do the trick.

Now for most of the cases that, might fix the issue but, if it doesn’t work for you the next thing that, you can try to link different social media accounts to your Instagram account. basically when Instagram blocks your action. it thinks, that you are a spam account so prove it to them, that you are not spammed by linking your Facebook or Twitter account, from your profile settings page.

However, if you are not comfortable by linking your account you can unlink them later on once this issue has been resolved for an Instagram account. so moving on like I said that, this issue can be caused if you are using a 3rd party app for an Instagram account in that, a case just uninstall that app and, instead of the official Instagram app from the Play Store.
Now, chances are that it will do the trick in a jiffy so if all these don’t work for you. 


Now, the next trick is pretty simple. but it requires a lot of patience yes by simply leaving your Instagram account idle for 24 to 48 hours. 
it can fix the issue on its own and, you can be good to go so if rapidly using the account was the main reason, after all, it can be fixed by not using your Instagram account for a period of 20 to 24 to 48 hours, but for tips, you have done nothing wrong. You have not used a third-party app not liked or disliked photos or unfollowed people back to back well in that, case you can just reach out to Instagram. 

As well just head over to settings page tap on help and, then tap on a report a problem in the pop-up that, comes up again tap on a report a problem. Now you can write about the issues that, you are facing and, the support team will probably get back to you. So well that was it I hope these pixels will restore your Instagram account and, you’ll be able to light and, do actions on your Instagram account.

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