How to download facebook videos on iphone and iPad

Hey Guys, I hope you are doing absolutely fine, and welcome back to another post. so in this post. I am going to show you how you can download Facebook videos on iPhone or iPad including your Facebook lives directly into the gallery of your device. 

Right now there are so many blog posts written on this topic available on the internet but unfortunately, none of them provide the exact and clear cut method, Don’t worry here I will show you every single step by which you can easily download videos from Facebook live, page, group, etc.

How to download facebook videos on iphone and iPad

Now without wasting your valuable time direct jump into the available option for you. There are two methods given below which will helpful for downloading stuff. Check it out them one by one…

How to download facebook videos on iphone and iPad 

Here are two methods to download facebook videos on iphone-

1. Using iPhone or iPad

In this method, you don’t need any computer or laptop for the repurpose. your smartphone is enough to do this task, Simply follow the below-given steps.


STEP1: First step is to open up Facebook from your iPhone or iPad

STEP2: find the videos which you want to download by going to the desired page or profile.

STEP3: please press on the video.

STEP4: come down and click on share button.

STEP5: Now click on the more option and choose copy for copying the link to the video.

STEP6: Next you need to come across to the app store and make sure you have firefox installed

STEP7: Now start firefox and open any of the two sites-


2.) (Reccomended)

STEP8: Paste that link here which you copy in step 5 and

STEP9: Simply click on the download button then you will see a new tab click on the download link and you will see your video getting downloading.

STEP10: After downloading click on it and choose save video option that’s it.

Note: Above method may only works with public facebook vidoes if someone set the privacy then may be this method not helpful.

2. Using parallels tool ($19.99)

This software is available for Mac or Windows-only but you can easily transfer your videos from the mac to your iPhone or iPad.The best thing with this software is you can download any internet video in very decent video quality. It is not just a video downloader tool but also has many others feature like screenshots, video recorder, etc.

Parallels Toolbox is our all-in-one solution with over 30 tools for macOSĀ® and Windows. With just one click, easily problem-solve to save space on your hard drive, create high-quality content, and quickly optimize your computer for a presentation. Do Not Sleep is an easy-to-use tool included with the full Parallels Toolbox suite for macOS or Windows.


STEP1: You need to do simply purchase and install it on your mac

STEP2: Copy the URL of the Facebook video and paste it in the parallels toolbox

STEP3: Now you transfer your downloaded video in your iPhone

Note: For transfer the files easily from your mac to iphone you can use any of the given option
1) Airdrop
2) iCloud
3) Google drive and
4)Dropbox etc.

Now I think these are the overall methods for downloading Facebook videos directly or indirectly from iPhone or iPad or even on android devices. If you like this post please share it with others.

Thanks keeps reading….

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