How to Detect Hidden Camera Using Android Phones | The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

Hello Guys, In this articles today’s I am going to show you ” How to Detect Hidden Camera Using Android Phones”.
Are you afraid that someone is watching while you are in hotels, changing rooms, restaurants, offices and other places outside your home?
If you suspect that you are being viewed through a hidden camera somewhere in your home or personal space, your Android phone can be a useful tool to detect certain types of surveillance devices. 

How to Detect Hidden Camera Using Android Phones | The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

Although it is not completely full-proof, it is possible to use your Android phone’s camera and magnetometer sensor to detect hidden cameras and microphones, or other devices.

How to Detect Hidden Camera Using Android Phones?

You can find hidden cameras within a few minutes with the following methods. Most methods are completely free! Sometimes just a little trick can be very useful to find hidden spy cameras and you can avoid the hassle.


Detecting Infrared Lights

Some hidden cameras emit IR (Infrared Radiation), which is not visible to the open eye. If you carry your device close enough to them, the camera lens on your Android phone will hold this infrared light. If you find a hidden camera that emits IR, it will appear as a bright white color in your camera display.

STEP1; First of all, Launch your phone’s camera app.

STEP2; Walk around the room and take your phone’s camera to the areas where you suspect the intelligence device is hidden.

STEP3; If you see any small, bright-white light, set your phone down and investigate further. It can be a hidden camera.

Detecting Electromagnetic Fields

When they are on, electronic devices create small electromagnetic fields – this may include hidden cameras.
You can use a sensor on your phone to “smell” this type of radiation. In particular, they can use magnetic sensors (also known as magnetometers).
Therefore, for this method to work, your phone must have this sensor. Not all models have this, but this is common (for example, it is one that allows a phone to have the compass feature).
Provided your phone has a magnetometer, all you have to do is bring the phone closer to any object that you suspect may be a hidden camera there, and the app will tell you whether to confirm your suspicions There is no magnetic activity for.

Scan the Surrounding area Carefully to Detect Suspicious Hidden Video Cameras

Carefully scan the surrounding space to locate suspected hidden video cameras. One of the easiest ways to locate hidden cameras is by carefully checking around the surrounding space. In the first step, an inch-by-inch search would be useful to spot “clear” hidden cameras.
The most common places to find hidden cameras indoors –

  • smoke detector
  • Air filter equipment
  • The books
  • Wall decor
  • Electrical outlet
  • Table plants
  • Tissue box
  • Teddy Bear
  • Sofa cushions, table tops, and shelves
  • Dvd case
  • lava lamp
  • Digital tv box
  • Wall socket
  • Hairdryer holder
  • Wall or alarm clock
  • Cloth hooks
  • Pen

Some objects may reveal suspicious cables, lights or lenses that are the hallmark of hidden spy cameras. If you find some unusual electrical outlets or adapters, unplug them immediately.
Listen as you walk around the room. Some hidden motion-sensitive surveillance cameras create an almost inaudible buzz at the time of operation.

How to Detect a Hidden Camera Using an Android App | The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras

These spy camera detectors app has been developed with the aim of security purposes. This allows you to easily locate hidden cameras in public or private places. Cameras have been invented for the purpose of security, but some people are misusing them.
They are using them as hidden cameras to film someone’s privacy in private places such as hotel rooms, washrooms, changing rooms, and more.
So, I am listing you some best and popular hidden camera detector app for your android. This app allows you to easily locate hidden cameras in private places.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector:

One of the best-hidden camera apps for Android and iOS. It helps you to easily locate hidden cameras in hotel rooms, changing rooms and CCTV cameras located around you.


You can easily find Pinhole Camera as well as an Infrared Camera with this app. There are two different methods of detecting cameras disguised as scans with magnetic sensors that analyze magnetic activity and infrared detector modes that detect infrared cameras.

Hidden Devices Detector:

Another popular hidden camera detector app for Android. It is a popular CCTV finder app that helps you find hidden cameras around you. It has an amazing technology that helps you to easily find the hidden camera that records your movements hidden.


It is free and easy to use the Hidden Camera Finder app that works with two different options to find hidden cameras.

Glint Finder – Camera Detector:

The Glint Finder app supports Android 2.3 and above, a free, non-intrusive hidden camera detector app that works with your devices’ magnetometer sensors, as well as your camera.
Some spy cameras emit small levels of electromagnetic waves, Glint Finde helps you to pinpoint them. The app automatically adjusts the flash rate and cycle to help detect infrared light.

STEP1; First of all, Download the Glint Finder – Camera Detector App link given below.


STEP2; Once installed, open this app, and Tap Allow to give the application permission to use your camera.

STEP3; Tap on Allow a second time to give this app access to your device’s location.

STEP4; Now, Tap MAGNETOMETER SCANNING and Move your device around suspicious areas. If a potential camera or hearing aid is close to your phone, it will display on your screen.

STEP5; From the main screen of the app, Now tap on DETECT INFRARED SCANNING and Tap I AGREE when the disclaimer dialog appears.

STEP6; Carefully move your phone’s camera around areas and objects that are likely to contain spy equipment.

Technology has not only made spy cameras smaller and easier to hide but has also made them widely accessible. This means that you can be easily monitored at any time. But you have no reason to panic about it if you have reason to doubt something, then taking some precautions will not hurt. And for this, you should thank your Android phone, who can easily help you.

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