How to Create WhatsApp Stickers using iPhone/iPad – 2022

Hello Guys, I hope you are doing well, Welcome back to another post. today, I am going to show  “how you can make WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone or iPad”. You can even share the created WhatsApp stickers with your friends too. 

How to Create WhatsApp Stickers using iPhone/iPad - 2021

I will be showing you the process of removing the background of the image by using a simple online tool. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


How to Create WhatsApp Stickers using iPhone/iPad?

Now, here are some steps to create WhatsApp stickers using iPhone/iPad easily-

Step1: Now, let me start with the first one. Removing the Background of the Image. To remove the background of the portrait image, you can either use the built-in tool of Sticker maker app or just use this online tool to remove picture background of any portrait image.


Step2: Firstly, choose the images of a minimum of 3 to convert them as stickers. Now open the Safari web browser then visit website. 

This website will remove the background of the image using AI technology easily for free. To do that, choose Browse, then choose the picture. That’s it. Look at the final image then save it to the phone.

Step3: Now, repeat the same steps for the other 2 images. Now we have our images ready. Download the WhatsApp sticker maker app for iPhone or iPad. 

Open Appstore then Search for Sticker Maker for WhatsApp than download the application.


Download Sticker Maker for WhatsApp


Step4: Once downloaded successfully, open it then choose ‘Tap to Start’

On that screen, you will find Explore, Create, and Settings tabs. 
You can use these created stickers which are in the Explore category and to create choose ‘create’ then tap on this + icon at the top. 
Step5: You will be asked to enter the sticker pack name and the publisher name. Enter whatever you like.
Step6:  Now, you need to add the images to create a WhatsApp sticker pack. To do that, tap on the first slot then choose Gallery, pick the no background image that we created before using website. Once you see the image in the work area, you can add the frame or effects to the photo.


Step7: Now, You can even resize, rotate or zoom in on the image at this step. Next, you can add text, remove the background which is a built-in tool, add emoji, and crop the image like you need. 
Once you feel good, tap on this check mark at the top to save the image to the sticker pack. you need to add at least 3 stickers to share with WhatsApp. Finally, tap on Add to WhatsApp and Choose Save.

Step8:  Now, open WhatsApp for iPhone then choose any contact that you would like to share the created WhatsApp stickers. Tap on the sticker icon and here you will see all the stickers you just created. You can even share the created WhatsApp sticker pack with your friends.

Just choose Share Pack then choose the service that you would like to share with. The receiver will get all the images with no background and they need to import those images by following the same procedure.

LAST WORD: So this the steps by which we can easily Create WhatsApp Stickers using iPhone/iPad. Thanks for reading, you can ask any question and leave any comments down in the contact section below this post. Thanks for reading, stay tuned with this blog where you will find all the tech-related tips regarding iPhone or mac.

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