5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free – 2022

Hello Guys, welcome back to another post. in today’s post looking at “How To Download Paid Apps For Free On Play Store”. Google’s Play Store is chock full of some amazing apps and while quite a few of these apps are available for free with or without ads some of them are paid.

5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free
5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free

Now I’m sure you’d already know that it’s quite easy to download the paid versions of the apps by sideloading them on Android, but what you might not know is these apk files could very well be infected with malware which is always a risk to your data and at times even the phone.


5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free – 2022

so, I’d strongly advise against it but don’t worry you are at guiding. we will talk about some legit ways to get paid Android apps for free-


The first method to get paid apps for free comes from Google itself, Google’s own opinion rewards app is a great way to earn play store credit, and purchase any happy one and you only need to fill out the short surveys to get free credit.

5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free

Now if you’re worried about privacy it’s worth noting that, Google makes use of the answers you give to show more relevant content to you. 
so, it’s a win-win situation just make sure you answer the surveys as soon as you get the notification because they expire after some time.

You lose the opportunity to make some free credits moving on the next trick is about keeping a track of discounts on the Play Store variants, some random apps are offered for free as a limited-time offer. 

Now, I know keeping a track of such discounts manually might not be an easy task so we will take the help of yet another app here.


This app’s name is ‘app sales’ and it keeps track of all the ongoing app sales on the Play Store all the sales are organized into three tabs with the first one showing all the highlighted sales, the second one for the latest listings, and the third one is about all the apps that are now available for free.

5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free

There’s a fourth tab as well in which you can create a list of the apps that, you wish to purchase that will then keep a track of those and notify whenever an app.

This lists down all the free or discounted apps on the Play Store but there’s one unique twist instead of having a wish list apps free lets you dismiss apps that, you don’t like and they’ll never show up again for you will ensure that you never see apps, that are of no use to you making. 

It is easier to spot the app that, you might need however if you ever have a change of heart.


You can always go to the dismiss list and review it to include those apps on the homepage once again. Now I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Reddit but did you know that you can also track Play Store deals on the platform.

5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free

There is a subreddit for that actually there are two the Google Play deals subreddit is a very active forum in which users like you keep posting about the best app deals on the Play Store.

if you like a deal, you can just click on the link in the thread and you’ll be redirected to the download page for that simple right next there’s the Android game deals subreddit which works pretty much. 

In the same way but houses the best game deals on the Play Store you should definitely check out both of these subreddits.


The best part you don’t even have to register on Reddit to view these pages rounding things off is a cool way with which, you can use new and upcoming apps for free want to know how well.

5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free

it’s quite simple most developers look for beta testers for their apps before, they are released onto the Play Store and these testers get free access to them oftentimes the developers also allowed testers to upgrade to the final release version without paying.


So you should definitely get in on that a few like trying out new apps but make sure that you help the developer by reporting the bugs. you step on while using that if you aren’t sure how to find apps that are looking for beta testers.

5 Methods For Downloading Paid Android Apps in Free

Then you should either search for beta on Play Store or can download the beta testing catalog app. The app lists down all developers who are currently looking for beta testers so you can easily find an app that, you can get to use for free.
You try out all the methods to maximize your chances of getting the best app deals just note that some deals are region-specific so they might not show up for you.

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