How to Capture Streaming Media on Laptop/PC | Method to Save Streaming Media in 2021

Hey Guys, and welcome back to another post, so in this post, I’m gonna show “How to Capture Streaming Media on Laptop/PC”

How to Capture Streaming Media on Laptop/PC | Method to Save Streaming Media in 2020

Guys, Many websites stream songs, videos, and online class videos people believe they cannot be downloaded, Because of this reason security purpose. Many people buy the course and sell it at a low rate. That’s wrong. So guys let’s go to my post.


How to Capture Streaming Media on Laptop/PC

Now, here are some steps that you can easily “Capture Streaming Media”

They kinda think there is no file present to download once the file is located, it can be retrieved by net transport. 
net transport is able to download any file whether FTP or RTSP etc. 

STEP1; First of all Download Project URL Snooper, Download link is given below.

 Download URL Snooper 

STEP2; Now, Install the URL Snooper (and WinPcap together), and Don’t run URL Snooper when it is done installing.

STEP3; Now, Restart the computer, and Open Project URL Snooper.

STEP4; Now, Click on the General Options Tab-

  • User posted image 
  • Chose a network adapter 

STEP5; Now, click on the search tab, Then Click Sniff Network.

STEP6; Now, Go to a webpage, and you should see some results in the results list. 
If nothing is appearing, then chose another network adapter in the list, until one works.

STEP7; Now, you are ready to begin searching, and click the “Hide Non-Streaming URLs” option to hide all http:// references, and only show URLs corresponding to streaming audio/video (RTSP, PNM, WMA) 

STEP8; Now, Then click Sniff Network, and your links should appear as you begin streaming your file.

STEP9; Now the next step is to select your desired stream user posted image, usually rm file user posted image.

STEP10;  On the bottom, there should be the link that you simply copy the user posted image.

STEP11; You download net transport from here-

ftp://down_transport:[email protected]/NT2Setup_multi.EXE or ftp://nettransport:[email protected]…Setupmulti.EXE 

STEP12; After Downloading, Install it on your computer.

STEP13; Now, Click on new, and paste the link, then you should be able to download any file.

Final Word:
So this the steps by which we can easily “Capture Streaming Media”.
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