5 Attacks Which are Harmful For Your Whatsapp Account & How to be safe in 2020!

5 Attacks Which are Harmful for Your Whatsapp Account & How to be safe in 2020!
Whatsaap is now the legacy of Facebook, so it can be understood how popular this is now a day. It is world no.1 instant messenger which works probably in every device (operating system). But in the latest update of WhatsApp, it is informed that it will not work on blackberry, windows, and Nokia Symbian.

5 Attacks Which are Harmful For Your Whatsapp Account & How to be safe in 2020!

This is not an official statement given by WhatsApp, so, we should not discuss these things. So, this post is totally based on the security of WhatsApp. If anyone will try to hack your WhatsApp account, then he will succeed if you don’t secure your account.

Now, if you want to learn to secure your WhatsApp then you should aware of the methods of hacking WhatsApp. So in this post, almost all the methods are described used by hackers and to protect your account from these methods.

In below given 5 methods, I will give some basic idea about how method work, and below it, I will give you the procedure for securing your account, so you may understand the things good.


5 Attacks Which are Harmful For Your Whatsapp Account & How to be safe in 2020!

 Now, here are some method Which is Harmful For Your Whatsapp Account & How to be safe-

Method1; OTP Confirmation Can Be The Cause-

It’s obvious that you have to enter the mobile no. while creating an account on WhatsApp. At that time OTP confirmation message was sent.

You can imagine that a hacker may have installed any spyware, and RAT software on your android phone.
For Example- mspy, real spy.  then he can get your OTP confirmation message because spyware is used to steal the information, now that hacker can misuse your OTP to access your account.

How to be Secure from this Attack-

  • You should always have an antivirus to remove any spyware if installed by anyone. I recommend you buy a good antivirus from the play store rather than using a free antivirus.
  • Always have a PIN or pattern lock on your Android phone.
  • Use app lock in your SMS, and that to advance app lock which can’t even be freezed from the setting, not the old one.
  • On the upper side of the phone if a message is being shown then turn off it so that nobody can access your phone without password.

Method2; It Can Be Hacked By Whatsaap Call Confirmation-

Same as OTP confirmation WhatsApp has one more feature of call confirmation which can be dangerous. Suppose at the time of making an account, somebody enters your mobile no. and anyhow get the chance to receive the confirmation call from your phone, then he will get the confirmation code.

That can be used by others with your name and possibly against you.
Now, you should learn, how to prevent this problem.

How to be Secure from this Attack-

  • Simply you have to stop the hacker to receive the call from your phone. And this is possible when you keep your phone lock. 
  • The lock should be such that when someone is calling, one has to unlock the phone to answer the call. 
  • Hence the hacker will not be able to access your phone. If you are thinking that which app provides this facility? Then download “incoming call Lock” on the phone.

Method3; Using Spyware Software-

Do you know this is the simplest method of hacking WhatsApp? In this, the hacker will install any spy software on your phone. Actually, this hacker will be the person nearby you, maybe your friend.

Because he has to use your phone to install the software like mspy, Whatsapp spy, realspy, etc. this will provide the information that you have messaged, to whom you have called, etc, and will not be able to know about it. This software is not easy to detect.

How to be Secure from Spyware Software-

  • Its little-bit tough to be safe from this but let us discuss what we can do. You should check all the installed apps on your phone and find out if any unknown app is installed on your phone. 
  • If you find out any such app which performs a malicious activity on your android phone, then uninstall it immediately. You have to root your phone if you want to be secure from this attack. There is an app “permission manager” that you can download from the play store. 
  • With the help of this app, you can easily control your device. If any data is being stolen from your phone then this will notify you and ask for your permission. Which you can simply manage and save your data to be transferred or stolen.

Method3; You Can Be Hacked By Extracting WhatsApp Message-

There is good news that if someone steals the database files from your phone that is in your memory card/whatsapp/database location then he will not be able to back up your messages from that DB files.

Because, WhatsApp itself has increased the security and converted database files(.db) into crypt files, which is impossible to crack by hacker.  Now, To crack that crypt files one would need a root key that is available on your Android phone’s system folder, and can’t be detected without rooting the phone.

He can crack that only if he got your phone for some time then first he will root your phone then he will transfer all the database, and root key in his mobile.
So, in this way, he can access your messages with the help of whatscrypter or database(.db) reader.

How to be Secure-

  • Only you can avoid this problem and the best solution is don’t let your phone be with someone for so long time that he can root your phone and know about the root key.
  • keep the app lock advance version install in your phone permanently, especially in the file manager.
  • Also, use pattern lock.

Method5; Anyone Can Email Your Whatsapp Messages-

Recently, Whatsapp has launched a new feature that you can e-mail your WhatsApp chat history to anyone. Suppose the hacker got your phone, and sends the chat history to himself by your android phone.

This will not be difficult for him as he is an expert in it. So, In this method, the hacker can easily convert the WhatsApp history into a text file.

If you want to check how this email is sent then go to setting then go to chat and calls, there would be an option of sending an email of chat. On clicking that, the chat history will convert into the text file, then you can easily email it.

How To Be Secure From This Threat-

  • You should always check your sent box or e-mail for unknown sent mail. Here you can find out if any such thing happened,
  • You should always lock your mail app.
  • By using applock advance protection lock everything.


So, Guys, this is the overall process to protect their WhatsApp accounts from bad people .i’m sure if you follow all the above-given methods and precautions no one can touch your privacy on WhatsApp, and I covered 5 Attacks Which are Harmful For Your Whatsapp Account & How to be safe in 2020!
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