Youtube Video Downloader[Online/Offline method] – Best way to Download Youtube Videos!

Youtube Video Downloader[Online/Offline method] – Best way to Download Youtube Videos! Nowadays, many people watch videos on YouTube, some people watch comedy videos and some watch movies. When we watch the video on YouTube, the Internet data ends soon. Watching 10-12 videos on YouTube on the Internet consumes about 500 to 1000 MB of data, just like watching 2 hours of movie online costs around 800-900 MB of data.

Youtube Video Downloader[Online/Offline method] - Best way to Download Youtube Videos

Which is very harmful to us, so internet data consumption can be saved by downloading offline video on mobile on YouTube.

Youtube Video Downloader[Online/Offline method] – Best way to Download Youtube Videos!

Now, here are some method, which you can easily Download Youtube Videos from your PC, and mobile phone. Step by step follow me- 

Method1; Online Youtube video downloader

There are many online websites for downloading YouTube videos online, from which you can download videos, downloading YouTube videos from an online site is also easy.
In this method, you will know how to download videos from an online website? So let’s get started-

STEP1; First of all, copy the link of the YouTube video you want to download.

STEP2; After that open the Site from any of your browsers-

STEP3; Now, paste the URL link after opening and press enter.

STEP4; Then select the video size, and download the video by pressing the download button.

Now, In this way, you can easily download the video from by copying the URL link from youtube. There are many more websites for downloading videos from online websites, from which you can download and copy the link of YouTube videos.

Method2; Download Videos Offline

Basically, The YouTube company launched video offline save features in 2014, which introduced features for slow Internet data uses so that Internet uses can increase more.

How to use offline video download features on YouTube on Mobile, I am going to tell you how to watch the offline video on YouTube without an internet connection.

Note: You cannot copy offline saved videos from YouTube to phone memory, you can only watch videos offline [without net] in YouTube apps.

Offline video save features on YouTube are available for both Android and iOS, for slow Internet users who can watch videos without the Internet by saving the offline video. And also YouTube go apps have been launched for slow Internet users.

STEP1; First of all, Open YouTube apps, and then open the video you want to save offline.

STEP2; Now, click on the download button will appear below the video.

STEP3; Now, then a popup will open in which the size of the video will show, select the size, and press the ok button.

STEP4; After downloading video, click on YouTube profile, and your Offline Video Save will be found there.

Now, in this way, you can watch offline videos without an internet connection by saving offline videos on your YouTube.

Method3; Download Videos on Local Storage[Phone/SdCard]

You must have learned to download YouTube videos offline, and we can watch that video offline without an internet connection, but the thing is that offline videos can be viewed only in YouTube apps.

STEP1; First of all, download the Vidmate Apps, and Install on your phone, and open it.

STEP2; Whatever video you want to download from YouTube, Search in the Vidmate Search bar.

STEP3; Now the list of videos will open in front of you, press the button that wants to download the video.

STEP4; Now, after pressing the button a popup window will open in which the size of the video will be visible.

STEP5; Now, you can download the video by selecting the side, and pressing the download button.
Thus you can easily download YouTube MP3 songs and another document file from VidMate App.

Download Youtube Video from Computer?

Some people use Youtube on their computers. This is the easiest way for them.
Here I will tell you about the Best YouTube Video Downloader App For Computer. With its help, you can easily download any video from youtube.

STEP1; First of all download the Ummy Video Download software. Download link is given below-
Download Ummy

STEP2; Now going to any browser on your computer, whoever wants to download the video. Search him.

STEP3; Now play that video. Then copy the URL of the video.

STEP4; As soon as you open Ummy Youtube Video Downloader Software. This software will automatically detect the Copied Link.

STEP5; Now you select the quality of the video and click on Download.
SO, in this way, you can easily download youtube videos on your PC/Laptop.


So using this method, you can easily Download Youtube Videos, and in this post, I covered Youtube Video Downloader[Online/Offline method] – Best way to Download Youtube Videos!
Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it.

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