WhatsApp Says On New Updated Privacy Policy – It Does Not Affect Privacy Of Messages

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to bring a new privacy policy, which is being debated. Due to the new rules of WhatsApp, a large number of users are creating their accounts on other apps like Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp Says On Updated Privacy Policy - It Does Not Affect Privacy Of Messages

Meanwhile, the company has issued a statement regarding its policy. WhatsApp says that users’ private messages and calls will be completely safe, as well as end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp Says On New Updated Privacy Policy – It Does Not Affect Privacy Of Messages

The company has made its point in 7 points by tweeting. WhatsApp wrote in the caption of the tweet, “Let us make it 100% clear that your private messages will be safe even though end-to-end encryption.”

WhatsApp Says On Updated Privacy Policy - It Does Not Affect Privacy Of Messages

 Let us know that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp will be applicable from February 8, which users who do not accept, will not be able to use WhatsApp further.


Let’s know what WhatsApp said in its statement-

No records of messages or calls-

WhatsApp does not keep a record of who the user is calling or messaging. The company said, “While mobile operators usually have this type of information, we believe that keeping this record of 2 billion users is both a privacy and security threat, so we don’t do it.

Will not see messages or calls-

The company has made it clear that WhatsApp or Facebook cannot see your private messages nor listen to your calls. WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption, which ensures that only the sender or receiver can read the user’s messages. Even the company itself will not be able to see your chat.

Cannot see location-

The company said, “WhatsApp or Facebook cannot see the location you have shared.” However, in the updated privacy policy, it has been made clear that ‘We keep the address of the user’s general location through information like your phone number and IP address’.

Whatsapp group will remain private-

Similarly, WhatsApp stated that group chats will remain private and encrypted. According to the company, ‘We use group memberships to deliver messages and protect our service from spam. We do not share this data with Facebook for advertising purposes.

Shares do not share contacts-

WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook. The company said, “When you give us permission, then we only access the phone number from your list, so that messaging can be fast.” They are not shared with any other apps.

Disappear your message-

WhatsApp referred to its recently released message feature. The company said that users can set up their messages to disappear. Actually, after enabling this feature, your messages disappear from the chat themselves after 7 days.

Can download data-

The company said that users can download their data if they want. This feature has been given to users in the app itself. For this, go to Users Settings, then Account, and then Request account info. Here you will see the option of Request report. Tap on it and your report will arrive within 3 days.

LAST WORD: Let us know that WhatsApp recently started giving updates about the new privacy policy to its users. It explained how WhatsApp processes users’ data and shares them with Facebook. 

The update also said that in order to continue using WhatsApp, users will have to agree to the new rules and policy by February 8, 2021. Since then, a debate started about WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook users around the world.

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