[Quick Support] How To Costomize The Pointer On Your iPad ?

Hello guys, If you use a trackpad or mouse with your iPad, you can change the pointer size, color, and more to help you see it better. 
Here’s a quick blog post on how to customize the printer settings. Before you start, update your iPad to iPadOS 13.4 or later and connect a compatible trackpad or mouse.

Step By Step Procedures

A) First go to Settings, click Accessibility.

B) Then click Pointer Control. If you have difficulty seeing or following the pointer when it moves, turn on Increase Contrast. Your pointer will darken or lighten depending on the background.

C) By default, the pointer on your iPad disappears if you haven’t moved it for a few seconds. To keep the pointer onscreen all the time, turn off Automatically Hide Pointer.

D) To change the color of your pointer, click Color, select a new one, and click the back arrow when you’re done.

E) To make the pointer larger or smaller, drag the slider. With Pointer Animations turned on, your iPad pointer animates and changes to fit certain elements on your screen, like highlighting icons when they are selected.

F) With Trackpad Inertia turned on, scrolling will come to a gradual stop when you lift your finger from the trackpad. Turn it off if you prefer scrolling to stop immediately.

G) To make the pointer scroll faster or slower, drag the slider.

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