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Humans have jumped so fast in the field of science and technology that has no answer.
Today, for the past two years, this technology is in front of you, then the person who thinks about it and what disturbs him, which he wants to solve in an automatic way, then he invented it for the first time that he had heard it earlier. But today it is a trend. By which people are earning more and even in the same way, which gives incredible new technology and you will also be very eager to know which new technology can be found in 2018 So, let’s start.

New Future Technology in


Holographic smart Phone 

Most people will know about 3D images, and you will also see 3D movies, just like the Holographic smart phone has a 3D camera which can show all the pictures with all the direction. The front camera is movable in it and as soon as we look at its eyes, it moves in the same direction. If we play video games in our mobile then the 3D video game has its own fun. When we do any online shopping, our product will look absolutely clear and we can see it all around.
Holographic Smart

High power Wireless charger

Now a lot of companies are making wireless chargers in the market and people are liking it too. But how do you charge? 
We keep our phone above the charging pad so that it starts charging slowly slowly. But a team of Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has created a charger so that we can charge the battery with high power at a distance of 15 feet without pad. This device has so much power that it can charge at least 30 phones more than 15 feet away and can charge a laptop too. The name of this device is Dipole Coil Resonant System Which creates a strong magnetic field. Now it is only to see how long it will come in India and after that, the problems of mobile charging like that will end.

StoreDot Battery

A company called StoreDot showed a prototype in which he had created a super fast charging battery, which is fully charged within 30 seconds and its backup time was also 5-6 hours. These batteries are not too expensive and can be bought in less money as they have said. As soon as this battery comes, the problem of mobile charging of people will be eliminated as absolutely.


Earlier we used to think that whether humans can fly in the sky without airplane. So here a company has created a device that can be easily accessible to the top of the sky when binded on the back and As well as control your movement. This jetpack device is filled with hydrogen peroxide fuel, which can take man up to 250 foot above the speed of 75 miles per hour. Who says that it is difficult to walk the sky. Everything is possible.


In a Hollywood movie StarWars you will see such speeder bike, this bike is exactly the same as the 240 HP engine and two rotor motors, which fly in the air up to 12 feet above the ground. There are no wheels in any way. Those who are working on it, say that we will launch this bike very soon and it is not too much work to run it.

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