[Make Money] How to earn money from Adf.ly?

Hello guys , in this psot today i am going to show you How to earn money from adf.Ly , If your blog and website is there, So you must have ads to earn money from your blog.
On which you get money on Visitor’s click In the same way, you can earn money even by shortening the link from adfly. Adfly is a link shorter website. Such as google url shortner. You can also earn money from Adfly by adding short link to your blog. If you want to earn money from Adf.ly then read this post till end.

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Let’s know what is the adf.ly finally?

Adf.ly is a link sharing website, which pays every publisher on the click view, Those clicks can be from any country. Adf.ly is an American company that was launched in 2009, and this company is operated by X19 Limited Company, And this company’s CEO is Lan Donovan.

 On the blogs of their publishers, the advertiser shows the company’s presence through short links to their website, By which publishers receive money Adf.ly gives $ 2 per pay for 1000 visitors, but your traffic should be more than that country. Whenever we click the links of Adf.ly, after clicking, we have to wait for 5 seconds, to be redirected to another site in those 5 seconds, adf.ly shows 2-3 ads. Bloggers like us get money from the same advertisements.

Best Tools for AdF.ly

Friends have some best tools in adf.ly, which can do your work in less time.
Multiple Links: With this tool you can change the link of any page of your website to adf.ly link.

Easy Links: With the help of this tool you can earn money even without shortening the URL. Also, there will be  banner code on which there will be no skip option. And this will show up on the site when you open the site.

Mass Shrinker: With the help of this tool, you can shorten your 20 links in one go.
Api Docomentation: With the help of this tool, you can connect your adf.ly account with any application.

Bookmarklet: This is a tool that stays in your browser. With this help you can shorten any other site’s URL.

Web Analytics: With the help of web analytics tools, you can view your ads details by adding your adf.ly account to Google Analytics.

Website Entry Script: This is a tool that you will add to your blog or website, whatever visitors will come to your blog, then there will be an ads automatic show for 5 seconds.
Full page script: With this tool you can change all links to your website and blog to adf.ly link.

Domains: With this tool you can change the sub-domain of your website or blog. Suppose your website’s name is http: // www example.com then this tool will link to your site after doing go.example.com

Export Link And Stats: With the help of this tool you can download all the links you have shortened.

Mobile: With this tool you can download Adf.Ly’s mobile application on your mobile. From which you can shirnk your website on mobile only. Also you can see stats and earnings with adf.ly overview on mobile only.

Popup Ads: With the help of popup ads, you can place popup ads on your blog and website.

Plugins: These tools are for WordPress users. Install it on your WordPress blog. Then all the settings of adf.ly will come to your site.

How can you earn money from AdFly? Step by step follow me.

Step1; First of all you register / signup in adf.ly, click on the link given below to singnup, and join you by entering your name, address.

SignUp adf.Ly

earn money fromadf.ly@myteachworld.com

Step2; After joining adf.ly, login your adf.ly and go to dashboard.

Step3; Now there you will find link shrink option that you can link to any link (URL) and share it on your blog or social network on a page which has a lot of interest. There will be more clicks and share your links with more on USA related pages.

Adfly’s Payment Detail

You must fill in the payment details to receive payment from Adfly, and when you get 5 $ on your account, you can withdraw thorugh rupees of PayPal, Payonner, Payza once your payment once a month. It takes a little time to start earning from any of the ads in the company. You wait a bit. You can earn money easily Adfly. With adf.ly you can earn as much money as you want, there is no limit to it. If your blog’s traffic is 1000+ daily, then you can earn up to monthly $ 1000 +.

           Finally Friends Now you must understand that what is adfly How to earn money from Adfly, if you face some problem in any steps, please leave your email by going to contact us section of this site., if you find the information you would like to earn money from adfly, then you definitely share it with your friends on the social site.

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