LastPass Review For Iphone or Mac – 2022

Hi everybody this is A.J From ETT and we’ve all got too many passwords but don’t worry LastPass password manager is here to help. In today’s review of LastPass password manager, we’re gonna talk about the pros and cons feature, set subscription options, customer support. Before finally jumping into its application so you have all the information you need to make the right decision you’ve.

Today’s review of LastPass password manager checking out the pros and cons beginning with the pros.Now LastPass has dark web skin, free credit monitoring and it’s app is highly rated by iPhone and Android users alike. You cannot change multiple passwords at once with LastPass and it does not offer support by phone or live chat.


Features Of LastPass:

1st) Now they’ve got over the pros and cons of LastPass let’s check out its feature set beginning with this main purpose password storage. LastPass allows you to store your passwords across devices and that’s pretty useful especially you can think that. You can import many of them directly from the browsers like Internet Explorer or Safari.

2nd ) You can also manually input them into the LastPass vault and I do want to make a special note here that with chrome. You’re going to have to export those files to import them into the vault ,so it’s one thing to note and that’s one of the more popular browsers on the market. Now if you would like an extra protection beyond the master password that you set up, you can set up – or multi-factor authentication or even give an emergency contact the ability to give you access to your master vault.

Fortunately it comes with the industry standard for password encryption and is equipped with a protection method for password cracking. You’re really getting the most out of LastPass when it comes to storing your passwords.

3rd ) And speaking of storage,LastPass provides you with one gigabyte both locally and in the cloud. Only you can decrypt that data, it stays encrypted even when it’s in the cloud.


4th ) Now the final element of the feature set that we’ll discuss today for LastPass ,is the “credit monitoring”. LastPass will actually monitor your credit and can even alert you to instant notifications regarding what’s going on with your credit report. And just make sure that no one has stolen your identity.


Subscription Plan For LastPass:

Plan: 1: Indivisual

Now that we’ve gone over the pros, cons and features of LastPass let’s check out its subscription options. Now you can start with a free 30-day trial which gives you access to unlimited password storage and of course that multi-factor authentication.


Plan 2: Family

If you want to go with it for the year it’s gonna cost you $36 and if you’d like to do a family plan ,it’s gonna be $48 and with the family plan you can do grouping and share folders and that is up to six people allowed in that family plan.


One thing I want to note is that there is no monthly option for LastPass. They’re gonna be paying that annual fee 36 or 48 dollars right upfront but honestly that’s not too bad in my opinion.

Plan 3: Business

LastPass also offers plans for businesses. For example if you have a business of fewer than 50 persons, you can get the team plan and that’s only 4 dollars per month per user and gives you access to all of last passes and capabilities.

Plan 4:Interprise

If you have a larger business or just want more options ,you can get the enterprise plan and that’s 6 dollars per user per month gives you all the capabilities of the team plan along with advanced features pertinent to your business.


Costmer Support:


Let’s move on to customer support with LastPass.LastPass has an online Help Center and user forums to help you find any answers you may need to issues or concerns. You have using the password manager but one thing we’ll note is that while you can write them you can’t get anyone in a live chat or on the phone so that seemed like a bit of an issue but let’s see what people are saying on the internet.

well on Amazon it has a 3.5 out of 5 ratings with 52 reviews. Now there it only has two ratings that actually mention customer support one is positive and one is negative so not terribly helpful.

Now on Google it has 4.1 out of 5 stars and here all of the reviews mentioning customer support are negative with almost each one saying ,hey we could not get in touch with the real-life human being and that seemed to be a real issue. So when it comes to customer support it seems to be one of the last passes biggest weaknesses.


Different Applications Of LastPass


1st Application:

Final thing we’re gonna delve into today with LastPass are its applications. LastPass can be found it’s going to where you find the in event on opera Chrome, Safari ,Internet Explorer but we’re gonna speak specifically today on its mobile application ratings it’s doing really well. In the Apple App Store it has a 4.3 out of 5 stars and in the Google Play Store it has a 4.6 out of 5 stars.


2nd Application: LastPass On Chrome


So let’s go ahead and start taking it out on the browser extension for Chrome. All right Here I am checking out LastPass, the best way to manage passwords and the Chrome extension.


1. So I go ahead and tap up you can see.Now I’m in the last pass vault ,so let’s go ahead and open my vault now. Of course I could do a lot of things from this drop down menu like generator secure password or look at my account options but now just gonna jump into “open my vault”.


2. I’m in the vault and you see here I’ve got various options like my cyberghost VPN, I’m fed loans whatever you can imagine. Now if I go look on the left-hand side there are a lot of options of course, the main one which is “password”. So let’s go ahead and check that out so that’s where we are now in the password element and here you just have all your passwords available for you and you can see them.

3. If I go below that there’s “Notes” and in “Notes” you can add all types of things .I have tons of important legal documents and contracts to place here. You know just buried secret notes anything that you just want to keep around but you don’t necessarily want anyone to be able to just find.

4. Below that you have “Addresses”.I think this is especially useful in our age for those people who don’t move that often. I live in a city, I’ve moved on average every couple of years but you know you have people that you need to send Father’s Day ,Mother’s Day all types of cards to that don’t tend to move that often. So you want to place those addresses especially here in this LastPass address book.

5. Below that you’ve got “payment cards”.You can add you know of course debit cards credit cards. In my case I don’t actually like walking around with a lot of credit cards. You know you can drop them pretty easily. So I just have a very thin wallet I keep one credit card, a little bit of cash in my in and an ID and that’s how I get around because anything else I’m basically gonna purchase online. And here you can keep all that informations. I don’t have to keep your cards with you to make any purchases.

6. Below that you’ve got your “Bank Accounts” I like to keep. Basically routing checking account just, so that I don’t have to think about you know maintaining that information on a slip of paper or something like that it’s all here and I yes we’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve written very few checks in my life about the generation that basically grew up without having to write a ton of checks. I don’t think about it too often.

7. Now below that you can play the fun “Security Challenge” game. It’ll throw you to another website and it will put all of your passwords to the test. So it’s going to analyze your security and take you to on a step by step helping you to improve your passwords.

8. Let’s go back and check out that vault ,so in vault one of my favorite elements is this “Sharing center” here in this sharing center,
You manage your shared folders and this is just something for you know. You know maybe your joint family Hulu account her Netflix account or HBO GO account ,you know everyone’s got to watch the Game of Thrones whatever you like.

9. Below that is “emergency access” which is you know in a sense almost similar.Here you can give trusted family members or friends access to your vault. So they can get into anything you’d like. I wish I’d had this one ,I found myself in pretty remote places without a really great or at least trustworthy access to the internet. I still need to get something taken care of I really wish I’d had this around.I think that emergency access is really useful.

10. Finally and this is actually a more robust setting than you’ll typically find online, is the “Account Settings” the “Account Settings” for LastPass of course are general just your account email ,your master password and all of that but you also have multi-factor authentication options .

You can you know set up a cell phone and just different ways to make sure that it’s you actually using your LastPass and you set up your trusted devices,Your mobile devices. You can even set up URLs that will never use LastPass then you’ve got equivalent domains. So if you have the same for example login credentials across multiple web sites you can mark them as equivalent and they’ll create basically a global domain then of course the final thing our URL rules.

So let’s go back to that initial page all items and this is the very robust Chrome extension for LastPass password manager so now that we’ve seen LastPass in action on Chrome.


3rd Application : LastPass on Iphone

1. I am checking out LastPass password managers mobile application on my iPhone 10. Now if you’ve been in the vault before you’ll note that it looks pretty similar. You’ve got items passwords, secure nose addresses, payment cards and bank accounts.


2. If you go into “passwords” you’ll see that it has all of your deets right there available for you.

3. If you go into “secure notes” you can have notes here about various types. So let’s go ahead and set up one of those notes now.


4. For “addresses” you can put in various addresses and even search. Your search bar for addresses it’s really important we have to put those elements. Now one thing I’ll notice if you look it actually will show you, hey you can put in your driver’s license, your passport number, your social security number, your health, insurance, insurance policy, membership cards ,Wi-Fi passwords.


Now if you look in the bottom right side, you got security and here you can generate a strong password. You know grant people emergency access to your data people you trust take the security challenge and even change identities.So maybe you have a business account maybe you have a personal account or you can change this identity so that the vault is a different.


5.Let’s go ahead and check out those “settings” and in settings, you can of course look at your LastPass account which will tell you your email, your master password.

Let you change your master password and get security for an iPhone that means. You can use face ID, a pin code authorized, an Apple watch or have an Apple watch pin code You have. Various actions you can take like clearing your cache ,you can actually turn on autofill with iOS 12 so this will allow you to just fill in usernames and passwords right directly from your keyboard have your default browser be.So far I know I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I use Chrome one on my macbook air and so far I went I’m on my iPhone so sue me.


And you’ve got your advanced features so including your secure notes and search results are including your usernames and search results .




Overall you get a lot of functionality out of LastPass and I’m really happy with how easy it is to maneuver around the mobile application. Alright it’s time for the last word on LastPass and I just have to say it’s a solid password manager. It comes with credit monitoring dark web scan and just a lovely experience on mobile devices.

However I will say that it has a cumbersome initial setup process and definitely lacks when it comes to customer support. However overall LastPass is a strong option for a password manager so that concludes our review of LastPass password manager. If you appreciate today’s post give us a like and hit that share button as always.

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