How to track the location of chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp? And How to trace location without spy app?

Hello guys , In this post I’m going to teach you full detailed guide on How to know the location of chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp? Friends, there is at least 90% user on social networking site, if the user’s location is known to us, then it is a good thing. Friends, sometimes it happens that if you chat with a girl or you chat with a boy, then in this case you think that this is not a fake account. If once we know someone’s ip address, then we can track that person, and you can get many details of that person. Sometimes we are chatting with somebody on Facebook and we do not even know who is in front , And there are many types of questions in our mind  the girl who is talking to is not a fake id? In order to solve this problem, I am sharing this information in today so that you get to know the location of the chat person and other details. If you also want to know the location of your friend or a person, then read this post to the last.


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Friends who are going to tell the method here, this lets you know the location of a messnger other than facebook, whatsapp. Send the link to your victim in any way. And the victim will click on your send link or picture. So you will get all the information about it. How do the links generate and find out the location?  step by step follow me

  • First of all, open the link given below on your computer or mobile web browser.

Click Here To Open  IP Logger

  •  Now here you will have 3 feature shows, here we will understand the three features practically.

Method1: Invisible Logger

This is the most popular method. In this we get a link which we send to the victim. When the victim opens that link, it will be blank page or invisible show. And its details will come to us.

Step1; Now click on the Get Logger Code button in Invisible Logger.


Step2; Now you can show many links, copy Google Short Link from it .Google short link is a link that nobody will know, this is a fake link, because it looks just like a professional link of Google.

Step3; Now you copy Google’s shortlink. Screenshots given below


Step4; Send a copy of the link to Victim. You can share the link by posting it on Facebook, WhatsApp or anything.

Step5; When you click on the link on the link it will be an invisible page show … and you will find the details. You can see in the screenshots given below


Step6; Now you go back to the page from which you copied the link and refresh the page. And click on the Logged  IP. Here you will find details like Victim’s date / time, country, city, ip location, device Note the IP address from that.

Method2: View Logger


In it you can insert any of the IP addresses and know the details.

Method3 : URL/Image


Step1; First of all, you can search any image on Google. And copy the link to that image.

Step2; Now paste the copied link in the URL / Image box. Then click the Get Logger Code button.

Step3; Now copy the Google Short Link from the link show you will be there. And send that link to your victim. With the link you can also send some attractive text by linking it.

Step4; Now as soon as your Victim will click on the image link. He will really have an image show and you will get his details too. And just like the previous step, note the ip address.

How to trace locations from Ip Address?

Your question is something that is related to an IP Address on Google , How to know the IP location, how to find the mobile number and location, find a location from Ip address etc. So friends answered all these most of the questions I have shared with Simple Tricks and Tips in this post.

  • To get more information on IP address, open the IP Loaction website. The link is given below.

Click Here To Open IP Location 

  • Now you will open a window in front of you enter the noted ip address in the Blank box. And click on the IP LookUp button.
  • After clicking on Ip LookUp, you will get many information related to the Ip address. As you know the location. Which SIM card does the Vitcim know it will do. Latitude, Longitude and many more will be detected. 

So friends were just that in this article, if you like this post please share it your friends.If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to contact us section of this site. thank you

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