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Do you want to open your password protected pdf password and want to know how to remove it, this post is especially for you. Pdf is a name that almost everybody knows, think what would happen if you put a password in your pdf file and forgot it, in this case you will miss Google Uncle.

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PDF file is a very good utility to collect your information; most organizations, documents and pdf files are provided in the colleges, and all those files are password protected. I will tell you 2 methods here so that you can easily remove any password from PDF file and read the content inside it.

1. Removing the password by anyBizSoft PDF Password Remover software
2. Use the online site to remove the password.


Removing the password by anyBizSoft PDF Password Remover software

Step1; First of all, you have to download a software on your computer, which is named AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover. this software is not available for free, you will have to buy it, but you can download its trial version.

Step2; After this, Opening AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover software is in your computer.

Step3; As soon as you open this software, a screen will open, it will be written as “Getting Starred”, which will have an option under Add files, Simply click on it and select your pdf file containing the password.

Step4; Now in the screen you will see an option on the left of the output folder, in it you have to enter the location where your pdf file will be saved and no password will be left in it.

Step5; After inserting the location, Simply click on the start button.

Step6; As soon as you click on Start, the password of PDF will start getting remove and you will see a new screen in which you will see  your pdf password.

Use the online site to remove the password 

If you do not want to use any software, then tell you that without software you can also remove any pdf password. There is a lot of online website that cracks the encryption in PDF. But I will tell you about a very popular website, which cracks passwords very easily. And its user interface is also very easy, it is very easy to use. In the online website, all you have to do is upload your PDF file containing the password, and the rest of the work is done by the website itself.
So let’s see how online pdf password removes the password completely from its pdf file using the Remover website.

Step1; First of all, go to this website, this is the online website that will help us to remove pdf password.

Step2; After this, let the website go completely open.

Step3; Now you will have a simple box that will be see on the click on my computer’s option and select it by going to the location of your pdf file, and uploading your pdf file.

Step4; After this you will have to click on the unlock button, this will start uploading your password protected pdf file and after some time you will open a new screen in which your pdf file password will be remove.

Step5; Now Simply download that PDF file from here, now when you open that pdf, you will see that no password will be asked in it.

In this way, you have broken the password of PDF without using any 3rd party software , There is a problem with this method that if your pdf file size is very large, then you will take more time to upload that file, then in this case you need software. So see the above method for it, in which I have removed the password by using a software.

Best Free Software to Break PDF Password?

You saw 2 methods above, one of which was online method and the other was to remove the password of pdf from the software, but you saw that the software was not available for free, because of this I have some software and whose popularity is also very much And their work is also a totally straight forward. You can also download the following software from a link.
  • PDFCrack                                          Download  Now
  • PDF Unlocker                                   Download  Now
  • PDFMate Free PDF Merger           Download  Now
  • PDFCrypt                                           Download  Now
  • PDF Password Remover                 Download  Now 
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