How to Jailbreak iPhone-2022 | Everything you need to know about iOS jailbreaking

If you have an Apple device ie iPhone or iPad and you like to know about the internet or technology, then you must have heard about jailbreaking somewhere on the internet. You will be very curious to know what is JailBreak, what are its benefits, what is its damage, so in this post today we will tell you what is iPhone jailbreak and how to jailbreak iPhone and iPad.

How to Jailbreak iPhone-2019 | Everything you need to know about iOS jailbreaking

What is Jail Break on iPhone

Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have some software restriction by Apple. Removing this restriction is jailbreak. Through the jailbreak, you bypass the lock installed by Apple in the iOS operating system.
Jailbreak is a process in which you break all the rules of your iPhone. Just as Android phones access the system file by rooting, and customize the Android phone in their own way, the jailbreak works on iPhones as well.


Now, after the jailbreak, you can run applications on iOS devices that are not available on Apple’s App Store and which have not been approved by Apple. Jailbreak gives you root access to the phone where you can make changes to the look and feel of the iPhone. This is especially beneficial for those technical people who want to experiment with their phones.
Most jailbreaks in iPhone are done to unlock the phone. Most iPhones abroad are locked with single operator service. A jailbreak customer can use such a phone with any operator. In India too, most of those who ask for iPhone from abroad can use the phone only after jailbreak. During this, however, be aware that the jailbreak breaks the warranty of the phone.

Advantage of Jailbreak

  • After jailbreaking iPhone, you can download free apps.
  • By jailbreaking in your iPhone, you can tweak and customize your iPhone.
  • As soon as you install jailbreak on your phone, after that, you can download songs videos on your phone with the help of Cydia.
  • After jailbreaking in iPhone, you can access your phone’s system file.

Disadvantage of Jailbreak

  • As you know how secure the iPhone is, it is considered a secure device, as soon as you jailbreak you will lose the security of your phone.
  • You will lose your phone warranty after jailbreak.
  • After jailbreaking, the chances of getting a virus on your phone will increase.
  • After installing the jailbreak, any third-party apps can easily steal your phone’s data, hack it, etc.
  • Jailbreak can cause your phone to hang.

How to jailbreak iPhone easily step by step follow me

Step1; First of all, you need to Back up your device. Go to Phone Settings and select iCloud, go to Backup and tap on Backup Now.

Step2; Now, If you are using a passcode or Touch ID on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, disable it. For this, go to the settings of the phone, disable Touch ID and Password.

Step3; After that turn your phone on the flight mode and Download and install the Pangu application on your PC. This is a jailbreak tool. Yes, remember that during this time it is important to have iTunes installed on your computer.

Click here to Download Pangu installer

Step4; After installing, open the Pangu tool and connect your iOS device to the PC.

Step5; Shortly, your device will connect to pangu tool and you have to press the option of Start, and Here you will get the option of data backup. You go ahead by choosing All Ready Backup.

Step6; After some time your phone will reboot and Pangu will ask you to put the phone on flight mode. Re-enter your iOS device on flight mode and give the command of continuing in the software.

Step7; Shortly, Pangu will give you a notification to open the Pangu application by tapping on your iPhone’s home screen. After this, tap on the application and give it permission prompt photo access.

Step8; After this, your phone will reboot once again. Once it reboots, remove the flight mode. Now open the Cydia installer in your phone and download the personalized application on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Finally, Your iPhone has been completely jailbreak.

What is Cydia for IPhone

Cydia Jailbreak is an app store for Apple devices. It is a secondary application store of the iPhone. Through this, you can download third party custom application for iOS device. Cydia will not work on the phone without jailbreak. Not only this, through Cydia, you can fully manage your jailbreak iPhone.

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