How to install Kali Linux on USB or pendrive?

Hello dear frnds today i am coming with a great post which is all about how you can easily install Kali Linux in pendrive? Guys Kali Linux is one of the best passion operating system of white hat hackers, security researchers and pentester. It gives advanced penetration testing tool and its ease of use implies that it should be a part of every security professional’s toolbox. ow you can do your ethical hacking work anywhere you want. Installing Kali Linux in pendrive. Below we give you some instructions for installing kali Linux in pendrive .

install kali Linux on

 So, let’s get started

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  • Pendrive (Minimum 4 GB)
  • Kali Linux Iso image  DOWNLOAD
  • Universal USB Installer  DOWNLAOD

Now Start Installing Kali Linux On Pendrive:

Here, follow the steps I am going to tell you below and follow my belief that you will install Kali Linux without any problems.

Step1; Firstly you will need a Kali linux iso image. You can download the kali linux iso  file from the following link.

 Kali Linux ISO image DOWNLOAD

Step2; Now you will get the Universal Bus Installer Tool. The link to this tool is given below, you can download it from.

Universal USB Installer  DOWNLAOD

Step3; Now you connet pendrive in your computer, and remove the important data in pendrive, so that pendrive formatting will save your data.

Step4; Now open the Universal Bus Installer Tool, you will see a window in which click on “I Agree”

install kali Linux on

Step5; Now another screen will open in front of you; There will be 3 steps in it. First of all, click on Step 1 to see many  options in it, from which you can select Kali Linux.

install kali Linux on

Step6; After selecting the kali linux , In the second step give the location of the kali linux’s iso image where you have downloaded the kali linux’s iso file.

install kali Linux on

Step7; Now in step 3, you have to select the drive to which you have to install Kali Linux. So you select the pendrive.

install kali Linux on

Step8; After selecting Pendrive, Tick on the fat 32 format drive, so your pendrive format will get. Now you can click on Simply Create.

Step9; If you click on the Create button, then the screen will appear, you will click on YES.

install kali Linux on

Step10; You will see that the process has started. This may take some time.

install kali Linux on

Step11; After the process is complete, you will see that the installation is showing the complete, now click on “Close”

install kali Linux on

Step12; Now restart your computer and go to the boot menu, And boot the pendrive from the USB.  Now you have a kali linux screen  in front of you, if you have to run kaliLinux live, select the first option.

install kali Linux on

Friends worked, you installed kali Linux  successfully  in Pendrive, now you can perform esaily hacking. 
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