How to Create a Userbot for Telegram | Create Own Telethon Userbot using the Telegram Bot API

Hey Guys, and welcome back to another post, so in this post, I’m gonna show you” How to Create your Own Telethon Userbot using the Telegram Bot API, and Deploy it Using Heroku. You follow the steps to create a bot.

How to Create a Userbot for Telegram |  Create Own Telethon Userbot using the Telegram Bot API


Telegram Account
Heroku Account
Termux Download 

Let’s Get Started.


How to Create Own Telethon Userbot using the Telegram Bot API 

Now, here are some steps that you can easily “Create Own Telethon Userbot using the Telegram Bot API”

STEP1; First of All, You register for a New Profile on Heroku, and you can skip this step if you already create an Account.

STEP2; Now, Launch Termux, and Run the commands given below-

1. termux-setup-storage          hit enterkey

Note: It will ask for Storage Permissions on Android ≥ 7.0, then Allow it. 

2. apt update             Hit Enter Key

3. apt install git python -y         Hit Enter Key 

4. pip install telethon        Hit Enter Key

STEP3; Now, the next step to Create the Bot, We Need the String Session Identifier to create a bot. If you don’t know what that is, Don’t worry just follow along.

STEP4; Now, Then Execute the Following Command to Create a “Virtual Environment” in Termux. This allows us to Execute Commands without Affecting the Real Files on your Phone.

python -m venv venv && . ./venv/bin/activate

STEP5; Now, go Ahead and clone the Github Repository on your Device-

git clone 

cd UniBorg

STEP6; Now, Next step is to generate the String Session Identifier Mentioned Above, then type the Command python and Follow the On-Screen Prompts :

STEP7; Now, Go To and Login Using Your Phone Number.

Note: add your country code to the Phone Number 

STEP8; Now, Login Using the Code you Receive and Click on “API Development Tools”, and Enter Any App Name, and Short Name you like and Leave the Rest of the Details Blank.

STEP9; Now, Go Back to Termux, and Enter all the information that is asked.

STEP10; Then long String will be Generated, and Copy this String. This is the String Session Identifier and will be used to Grant the bot access to your account.

STEP11; Again, go to the Github Link ( and Tap on the Purple “Deploy” button. It will Redirect you to Heroku.

On this Page, Keep in mind that only the Fields marked Required are to be filled.

Now, Enter the detail –

  • Enter APPID & APPHASH (From 
  • Enter APP NAME (You Have to Choose an App Name to be used with Heroku)
  • Now, The Long String that was Copied from Termux in HUSTRINGSESSION 
  • Now, Tap On Create App and Wait till it finishes processing.

STEP12; Finally, Your Bot is Ready, You just have to Turn it On, Click on Manage App, and Go to the Resources Tab, Edit the Worker Dyno, Turn on the Switch and Save it. your Userbot is now ready for Use. 
Here is the List of Commands:  

Go to Link 

STEP13; Now, Test the Bot, Open ant Chat, and Type “.ping” it will show you the Bot Response Time.

Last Word:

So this the steps by which we can easily Create Own Telethon Userbot using the Telegram Bot API. Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it, without your support, I can not reach this knowledge even further, so help me by sharing my post so that I can bring you a tricks more than one To share the post, you can use the share buttons given below, and, If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to contact us section of this site. thank you so much, stay tuned with this blog and blog’s admin Mr. Aditya Singh.

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