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Friends, if you talk about Fuchsia OS, the concept of Fuchsia OS came in 2017. Why did Google tell in their Google I / O that they are working on a new operating system named Fuchsia and it might be the successor of Android.

Google Fuchsia, Google's Fuchsia OS 2019,

Why is Google making Fuchsia OS?

Friends, if we talked about Android, Android made for the first digital camera. Then started using it in the phone, after that TV started using Android for a different -different purpose even in Smart Watch and Cars.


Android was never built by thinking that Android will work on so many devices on one day and if you think Android is Google’s. Google has complete control over Android. It’s not like google creates a Android but phone company lets you modify according to your phone launch. And Google does not even have any control on this update. And Google does not even have any control on this update. Google is removing the Fuchsia OS to solve this problem.

The Fuchsia OS will basically work in the phone as well as the Smart device such as

  • Smart TV
  • Smart Phone
  • Smart car
  • traffic Light
  • Lights and Watch

Fuchsia OS will support any smartphone in the future.
Even then, going ahead, the google laptop that is coming up can also have Fuchsia OS. Why this would have more control of google which was not yet on Android. And using Fuchsia, Google will be able to give you consistent experience on every device and will also be able to update Fuchsia’s Time to Time on all devices.

The Fuchsia OS is going to be an operating system for all devices, which will work across all devices, and they will be connected. Programming to create Fuchsia OS will be done in the same way that the android application will also support and it was also recently done.
Such as  .fir extension in the Fuchsia OS, it is similar to .apk with android. In the future, the Fuchsia OS will support all Android applications.

How will the Fuchsia OS look like?

Last year Fuchsia had an apk link in which we had seen that there is a big list on the home screen and there were small boxes inside it that you can enter and you can open apps. In the same way that the Windows OS was in Nokia, the Fuchsia OS interface would be the same.
If we talk about more links then Honor play which was launched in the mobile of Honor, the source code of Fuchsia OS has been used. Honor is also testing Fuchsia OS in Mobile. This means you will see Fuchsia’s OS in Honor’s phone in 2019.

Google Fuchsia, Google's Fuchsia OS 2019,

The Fuchsia OS is designed to work on the desktop processor and mobile processor. Laptops that come in the future will work on the Fuchsia OS. Now we just have to see that Google Fuchsia OS launches with android, or launches separately and whatever happens it will be known for the time being.

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