From Phone to Big Screen Let’s View App’s Secret to Mirroring Mastery

One of the most amazing technological aspects is the ability to mirror on a larger screen. Most current phones have a “Cast” option, however, it has very limited use. Regretfully, there aren’t many choices for screen mirroring. That’s the reason we’re here today with LetsView, a brand-new third-party app that lets you mirror the screen of your device onto a smart TV. So let’s continue reading the guide to learn more about LetsView till the very conclusion. 

From Phone to Big Screen Let's View App's Secret to Mirroring Mastery

What is LetsView?

You may mirror your desktop across several platforms and share your screen across a network using LetsView. LetsView makes screen mirroring easier than any other tool, as it is compatible with nearly all modern devices, including laptops and iPhones.


When you have access to a screen-sharing application, the options are virtually limitless. In certain situations, you could find it challenging to get the most out of a single screen. You might wish to share your screen with your coworkers if you are giving a presentation during a meeting at work. You might use a smart TV or a bigger screen to view your preferred videos on your smartphone to relax.

LetsView’s “all-platform solution” makes it simple to share and cast videos. Once the tool is activated, you have a variety of sharing choices to select from. 

What Are The LetsView Casting Features?

The following are some essential characteristics that will encourage you to utilize the LetsView app:

#1. Big World on A Big Screen

When you link your iPhone to your smart TV, you may share content with friends and family in the form of movies, images, mobile game displays, and app content. You can now cast your phone’s screen to any brand of TV, including Philips, Sony, TCL, Hisense, and AirTV! At your fingers lies an entirely new universe!

#2. Secure and Private

Recognize that your content might be seen by others on the same network. A password that you enter for casting or mirroring is immediately encrypted.

#3. Easy work with screen sharing

Screen mirroring is a highly frequent practice in both organizations and institutions. With the use of this technology, you may use a large screen to demonstrate software to prospective clients and share PowerPoint presentations, project reports, and in-class information during meetings. Mirroring your screen in real-time is made easier and more convenient with LetsView.

#4. Drawing and Add Design Capabilities

LetsView will soon have features that go beyond basic casting, like the ability to create or draw content while in sharing mode. This tool is more beneficial for remote and education workers since it allows office and educational staff to work together on projects.

#5. Fast and Lag Free

There’s a noticeable lag in most screen-sharing programs when you try to navigate or enter menus or settings. It’s interesting that this feature is absent from LetsView and smartphone casting to a TV. Even when sharing an iPhone with an Android-powered smart TV, casting from an iPhone to a smart TV via Android runs smoothly.

#6. All-in-One Mirroring Functions

What distinguishes LetsView from its rivals is its compatibility with several platforms. No matter what device or operating system you use, you can display anything on the screen of your choice with the free screen mirroring app.

#7. Remote Control

With remote access and control, users can access and control computers and gadgets over a network just as if they were physically there. Users can monitor, administer, and execute a variety of tasks remotely using it for files and apps.

How to Use LetsView to Mirror a Screen?

STEP1: First, Install the LetsView tool on your device after downloading it from the official website. Or use the App Store or PlayStore. 

STEP2: Next, you need to make sure the devices you wish to connect and screen share with are turned on and connected to the internet. In order to pass a document from an iPhone to a TV, both devices must be turned on.

STEP3: Follow the instructions on the source device while the app is open. If you are using a mobile device, you should open the app and follow the instructions. You need to download the PC or Mac version, open it, and then read the contents if it is a laptop. 

STEP4: Once the TV or display displays the content, you will see the results of your screen sharing. Be sure to keep the connection and begin working or presenting. Once you’re finished, simply choose ‘disconnect’ and turn off the devices.

What Are the Pricing For LetsView?

LetsView looks to be a “Free” app, however subscription plans are the only way to access all of its features. Pro and Business are the two main categories of plans. The Pro package comes in two flavors: a monthly package priced at $4.99, and an annual package priced at $29.99. The annual cost of the Business package is $3.33 per month.

LAST WORD: That concludes our information about LetsView. We hope that this review guide has been useful to you in determining whether or not you require this screen mirroring software. This is enough for now, we will meet very soon with a new and very interesting article. Thank you so much to read my article post, if you like this and want to get daily updates, I wish you all are always happy and stay tuned with us as always.

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