China’s Cyber Attack on India : India could face massive Cyber Attack from Chinese Hackers related to COVID-19

As we can see that along with Covid-19, China has made another big mistake (Cyber-attacks), attacking many Indian soldiers posted on the border over the dispute of LAC (The line of actual control).

China's Cyber Attack on India : India could face massive Cyber Attack from Chinese hackers related to COVID-19

India is on the hit list of hacker groups. Many of these attacks are from neighboring countries. Like China. Companies have been incurring. huge losses due to these attacks.

Rs 12,8 crore was lost in India between July 2018 to April 2019. As people started working from home. due to COVID-19. Cyber attacks in India also increased. There was a 100% increase in cyberattacks in March 2020.


In fact, India was the most targeted country. Between April and June 2019. Most of these attacks have originated in Slovenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, China, Mexico, Pakistan. The attacks from China have increased After tensions built up in Ladakh. At this time, over 40,000 attacks were registered on India.

China has understood itself a lot about its mass production, that it will keep doing its own arbitrariness and everyone will just sit silently and watch.
Today, in the 20th century, it is very difficult to say that the country which has more military force or arms and weapons can keep it under its control.

This is true to some extent, but it is not true to say it completely for the 20th century. In today’s era, digital computers and all your electronic devices are connected to the network, we are completely dependent on it. If there are changes in our digital data, then we can become rich or beggar in a moment.

Your small mistake can make all your private data (bank account, atm card number, credit card number, digital locker) public in a second, and can bring you on the road, only through cyber-attacks.

India may have a big cyber attack!

Today we are going to talk about cyber-attacks. China is in the grip of this (cyber-attacks), now they are going to do cyber-attacks on India, whose information we got from the cybersecurity branch. Today we will know how China can execute these cyber-attacks through email.

What Is Cyber-Attacks?

Cyber-attacks are completely network-based attacks, through which hackers hack all the private data available on your computer or mobile phone and misuse it, and you do not even know that our private data has been stolen.

You can get information only if any of your sensitive data has been deleted or any changes have been made. Cyber attacks can be carried out from a beginner to an expert hacker.

If you are not aware of all these, then you too can fall prey to it. Today we will know how we can avoid all these attacks, and keep our private data secure.

Do not accidentally click on the e-mail from the name of Free Covid-19 Test-

This time these hackers are resorting to names like Covid-19 Test, and are about to try to hack you through email, this information is from 21 june, 2020.

Since 21 June 2020, this threat is now hovering over India. Earlier their target was Australia, where they have hacked users’ devices and their private data by sending more than 2 million emails.

They can do anything with your data and can also sell it in the black market. According to intelligence agencies, Indian users can get an e-mail in the name of, under the guise of free COVID-19 testing. Can be a cyber attack.

The intelligence agency has warned the users to neither open the mail from this email ID nor download the attachment.

North Korean hacker groups are also included-

According to reports from security firms, the Chinese, as well as North Korean hacker groups, are involved in this, which can carry out this big cyber attack with the help of a campaign.

Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Cyfirma has reported that these hackers have a target of 1.1 million private email IDs in Japan, 20 million email IDs in India, and 1.8 million email IDs in the UK, which are targeted can go.

How to avoid these cyber attackers?

To avoid such a large cyber attack, avoid opening any attachments to any e-mail from users. Also, if you get an email related to any kind of schemes or offers, do not open it. Not only this, but users also should not open any e-mail in the spam folder.

Cybersecurity firms believe that most users open these e-mails and face cyber attacks in the greed of free schemes and offers.

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