Best Torrent Downloader Apps For iphone – 2022 | How to Download Torrents on iPhone

Hello Guys, In this post, I’m going to talk through “how to download torrents on your iPhone” and iPad without the need for jailbreaking, your iOS device. You know installing a third-party app store. software profiles which will again increase the chances of security risks.

Best Torrent Downloader Apps For iphone - 2021  How to Download Torrents on iPhone

People don’t usually do the jailbreaking for several reasons you know the battery can be affected, and installing you know doing a jailbreak on their primary device could become a huge security risk.
As we know bring in a lot of third-party applications from third-party developers.

Other than you know the Apple provided the app store contents. it is not you know usually recommended to do the jailbreaking thing for on your primary iOS device, so if you know want to explore what the jailbreaking world offers, you may always know you can always do that in your secondary device which is normally I recommend it to you know people who ask for jailbreaking the iOS device.

Alright without any delay let’s dive into the process of you know downloading the torrents on your iOS device, without the need for these things and you can simply use a web base to torrent client software. that I’m going to use right now, and I’ll also suggest to you few websites few web clients which will offer similar services.


Note: You can choose any one you know based on your interest, and the convenience that, it offers so this you know I weighs 13 you know brings actually more power to the files application. but you know it makes almost 80% a true file manager for your iOS devices, so if you are running iOS 13 on your iOS device.


It’ll be you know excellent for managing all the files that you download, otherwise, the method that I’m going to use you know to use is through the documents up the app, which is my favorite.
It is from the riddle company, and you can download it from App Store.

If you have you know not downloaded it already it keeps all your documents here, that you don’t look from the internet you know to organize it. Now you can do the Downloads with the help of the built-in browser.

So here, I’m using the built-in browser, and as you can see I have the Facebook video downloader, and the other YouTube video downloader, and Instagram video downloader. 

Now everything you know is handy and ready here, so the cedar dot CC website is what we are going to use as a base to torrent client, and you can download the torrents on the cedar within your account securely, and then you can further download it to your iPhone or iPad.


How To Download Torrent Apps iphone?

In this method when you do the download on the first step, it will be requiring you to know some of the steps to successfully download the torrent.

STEP:1 First of all, you have to create a free account with cedar dot CC website, and you can earn more free space. if you are you know referring your friends with their referral link. your customized own referral link, and you can always upgrade your tariff, and you know normally offer like nine point nine dollars a month.


Note:I believe as I’m from India like it is showing seven hundred and thirty seven rupees per a month, and so with that you know with the nine dollar subscription. you will get an another 100 GB of extra storage by default free storage space, you know for free accounts it comes with 2gb which will be sufficient for this demo purpose.

STEP:2 So what do you have to do is, you have to copy the torrent link or the torrent website link where the torrent actually the particular torrent file is actually available and click on the plus symbol on the top right corner and in the pasted link, there you can see that, I have pasted the URL.

STEP:3  Now, you can verify the link of the source. you know like whether, it is right or not by you know scrolling through the link, and click on the plus symbol,l and you will see the green color message that says the torrent is actually started to download in the background.

STEP:4 Then you can see the file is started to download, and it is right now using the Internet bandwidth of the cedar web server to the torrent clients. so your internet bandwidth will not be utilized in this particular step, so in the next step, you will be utilizing you know we will be utilizing the Internet bandwidth of our own LTE data connectivity.

STEP:5 So there you can see the options when, you click on the Listbox menu, and click on the toggle. that it shows you know different options, and there you can download the file to your iPhone or iPad. storage you can delete it, you can rename it, or whatever you know if you want to keep this particular folder organized.

STEP:6 Now, you can rename it, and you can share it with your friends. you know our clients by clicking on the copy download link. so I’m clicking on the download now, the documents app itself you know access a beautiful download manager. so I’m clicking on done, so the file already exists, and I’m clicking on ok.

STEP:7 you sure you want to remove the selected item all right, so as you can see it is actually replacing it 16 files I am in right now. it has to download the 100 MB file so right now, my internet data or the Wi-Fi connection that I’m using is currently being utilized, and that the file is successfully getting downloaded.

LAST WORD: So in this way you can download, you know as you can use this website and this these applications. as your base to torrent client, and you can successfully download the torrent software’s or movies or music or anything. that you want to do using this method alright and similar websites, that provides this sort of the base to torrent line service, as another one is sonic seedbox which provides you 4 GB of free storage limit for the account. 
so if you want to you know need an increase to storage space then you can give that one.

Note : I try to it is sonic seed box, and I will show that website on the screen and the next one is bit port dot IO this one offers only 1gb of free space for an account that is getting created, and for extra storage of course you have to pay, and you have to upgrade the storage space and the torrents.
If again offering a 1 GB storage space for free users, and that is one mode that is called box o plus, all these are web-based torrent clients, that will help you to download to use torrents and download torrent related files on your iPhone and iPad.

so you don’t need to worry that the torrent is not allowed on your Apple App Store, and there are no such apps available at the App Store, so you can use this method to download any torrents that you want to do I hope you found this post useful and for more tips and Mac related tutorials don’t forget to share with friends.

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